Global Identification

‘Global Peace & Security’ is evident to everyone. It seems that it is now under the Wrong Hands. The World’s Most Peaceful Regions that were under Peace for numerous years and these were Peace Examples of the World, have been targeted today.

WE the Whole Globe should be united, immediately and should work together for Global Peace & Security. In this mission, I would like to share a Great Idea / Proposal that is ‘Global Identification’.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World. Each and every Action (particularly Movement) of an Individual, whether this action is taking place inside the Country OR anywhere in the World, should be recorded with this Global Identity, so that a proper record of an Individual can be maintained GLOBALLY, irrespective of his / her Country.

The Global Identification Number should be a Globally Unique Number that should be a combination of National Identity Number, Check Digit, Capital / Small Alphabets, Numbers and Special Characters. The Check Digit will be used to confirm the Integrity / Validity of Global Identification Number.

I sincerely believe that this ‘Global Identification’ concept is very Unique, will be very useful and all Concerned Authorities of the World will consider it.



Keep the WEB under Lock & Key

The World Wide Web (www) can be considered as ‘Heart of Information Technology’ and ‘Global Information Hub’. Congratulations to those, who are using this hub POSITIVELY.

But on the other hand, this hub is also being used negatively in shape of Financial Cyber Crimes, Non-Financial Cyber Crimes, Terrorism or any other similar activities. These negative activities have destroyed billion of dollars and are still destroying.

Individuals, Organizations, Countries and Group of Countries are consistently working to stop or to minimize these activities to avoid further Financial or Non-Financial Losses. Their endeavors are really commendable.

Now to participate in these noble efforts, I have a small but an effective idea that could bring a revolution in the Web Security.

The Idea is “WEB should be kept under Lock & Key and it should be accessed through National ID & Password of any Country.”

In other words whenever Web / www is typed on any machine, anywhere in the world; Web Security System should ask National ID and Password. After correct inputs, it should allow Web / www access, otherwise it should not. Password could be in any shape i.e. secret word, fingerprints, facial, iris recognition or any other advanced password types.

After a successful login, user will be able to use the Web / www until session closure. All his / her activities will be logged and will be kept highly CONFIDENTIAL by the Web Security System and should not be disclosed to any one until and unless an investigation needs to be done.

I sincerely hope that all concerned over the world, will review this Idea.

Enjoy a Happy & Healthy Life on the WEB……………………………….

Ever-changing Encryption

For the benefit of my whole sweet World, my perception always keeps me restless, it always encourages me to constantly think over something good & better for the Globe and I can never stop my pen to write new ideas / imaginations whether these are accepted or rejected. In the same vision, I am consistently trying to imagine an unbreakable encryption that can help the World and hacking losses could be reduced / ended.

Yes, according to me, it is a newest encryption method i.e. ‘Ever-changing Encryption’ wherein encrypted information will not be in a single state but it will be in an ever-changing position, constantly till the final destination. In other words, while travelling from source to destination, any encrypted data will not maintain its actual position but it will be ever-changing dynamically. Hence, it will be a more and more secured way of encryption and it will be very difficult / impossible for anyone to break.

All concerned are requested to please look into this thought that can bring a revolution into Cryptology and can give a great benefit to this World.

Never stop ‘positive imagination’, due to fear of being rejected…

Revolutionize the KYC & AML

Continued efforts, all over the world, are still under way to further strengthen the KYC and AML Processes.

In this mission, I would also like to participate by adding my small words that I think, could bring big revolution here. According to me, a Unique Global Identification at World Level can boost the process very much. In other words, a Unique Global Identification of an individual / organization can help to make the system, healthier. If a Unique Global Identification is designed and then applied on each & every record of the World then summarized information of all activities / transactions can easily be obtained for a specific individual / organization. This will also help to analyze / summarize the future activities / transactions, as well. Further, it will also provide useful information about ‘Know Your Customer’ and then ‘Anti Money Laundering’ etc. Hence, a very solid net of Global Identification will be created over the Globe wherein no one will be able to save himself from it and his every activity / transaction, anywhere in the World, will not be recorded without his Unique Global Identification because a strict world law will ensure it.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES / TRANSACTIONS for a specific individual / organization.

For further details, my following Idea / Article can assist you a lot:

“Global Identification”



Security Booster for Blockchain

All POSITIVE Objectives of ‘Blockchain’ are sincerely welcomed and best wishes for their higher achievements.

Continuous efforts, all over the world, are still under way, to make this technology, more secure & robust.

In this mission, I would also like to participate, by sharing my following suggestions to further boost its security. In other words, I have a unique concept that could work for it as a Security Booster; it is ‘Global Identification’.

Yes, a unique Global Identification can make the system more strong and can make its activities, more secure & reliable.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES particularly the Blockchain related activities.

For further details, my following article will be more helpful:

“Global Identification”


Unity is the Best Weapon against Crime & Terrorism

Everyone should think about Global Peace and should add some efforts for a Peaceful & Happy World.

Having the same thought, I have an Excellent Idea that is very Unique as per my knowledge n belief. In addition to prevailing Security Systems, this Idea can also be adopted to further strengthen the Safety & Security:


A Security Alarm System is basically consists of two Parts i.e. 1.Activation & 2.Warning. We all know that Activation can be of different types and similarly Warning can also be of different types. It is not easy to install Security Alarm System everywhere, particularly in Developing and Under-Developed Countries but a Device can be used both for Activation and Warning. This device is much closed to everyone. It is your Cell-Phone that can be used as a complete Security Alarm System but how?

How It Can Be Worked?

In case of emergency, threat, fear, suspect, crime or terrorism, it is not possible to Text or Call someone to get help but IT IS POSSIBLE to press One Key, One Click or One Gesture / Movement of your Cell Phone that can activate an Alarm / Warning in shape of so many Text Messages, so many Calls, so many Map Indications or so many other indications through different connecting software’s, to all Cell Phones near to the defined Area, particularly the nearest Rescue Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies / Police Stations etc. These indications will alert ALL Recipients that, you are in trouble or could be in trouble and they will input their best possible efforts for you to get you out from that bad situation.

This idea could be refined and polished further, with the help of Precious Feedback of all my respectful readers. Further, I sincerely hope that all concerned, particularly the Cell Phone Manufacturers, Cell Phone Connection Providers, Map Facility Providers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Rescue Agencies, Software Manufacturers and General Public will look into this idea and will sit together to make this Idea into such Reality that will collide with Crime & Terrorism.


Transparent Helmets Can Reduce Two-Wheeler Accidents…..

Being a Responsible Citizen, it should be everyone’s responsibility to strictly follow the prevailing Traffic Rules. These rules are designed for the Discipline and Safety of everyone, including YOU.

The Two-Wheelers (Cycles and Motorbikes) are more Economic and Popular modes of Transports of every segment of society, whether it is Developed OR Under-Developed Country. But the Two-Wheelers are more risky as well and thousands of accidents are occurred daily, in different countries, all over the world. So Traffic Rules particularly the ‘Use of Helmet’ should be followed more closely for the Two-Wheelers to reduce / avoid accidents.

One thing that is being noticed for quite some time that bikers feel some inconvenience having Helmets and they naturally move their heads to see their sides or back, while riding, even after having the back mirrors. This happens because Helmets are usually non-transparent, particularly the portion, from Eye to Ear on both sides. If these two parts are made of any transparent stuff so bikers would be able to see from the corner of their eyes instead of moving their heads to see their sides or back.

If the above observation and suggestion are feasible so Helmet Manufacturers along with all associated ones are requested to please look into this idea, convert it into a reality and save Human Lives all over the world.