PRODUCE IMPORTS LOCALLY to reduce Trade Deficits Globally

PRODUCE IMPORTS LOCALLY to reduce Trade Deficits Globally

Growing demands for Imported Items are growing Trade Deficits globally. Trade Deficits are indeed, slow poisons to the economies.

At Country Level, Regional Level and Continent Level, so many efforts, in shape of Counter Trade, Mixed Monetary-Counter Trade, Free Trade, Bilateral Trade, Trilateral Trade, Multilateral Trade and etc., have been made to achieve Trade Balances.

Now, just to participate in this mission for the Global Peace, Progress and Prosperity, I have derived a concept “PRODUCE IMPORTS LOCALLY…….” from the good characteristic of different types of Trades.

The starting phrase “PRODUCE IMPORTS LOCALLY” seems illogical, as Imports cannot be produced locally but these are imported from other regions. BUT, it is possible that these imported items can be produced locally with same Brand & Quality.


Such Trade Agreements should be made between countries wherein, against any Exports or Not, other countries should be invited to establish their World-Class / Famous Companies in your country so that these demanding products could be produced locally, in your country and heavy foreign reserves could be saved that are usually spent on these Imports. In this way, that World Renowned companies will also get a boost in your country and will also give an improvement to your country’s economy by delivering Low-Cost Goods with a lot of Employment Opportunities.

Now the question is; how and why other countries or their companies will come in your country. Yes, definitely, you will have to provide some substantial benefits, in shape of Free Space and Free Tariffs etc., to attract those countries / companies. These two advantages will definitely appeal them to establish their businesses in your country.

According to my limited thoughts, this idea can reduce Trade Deficits to a greater extent and it can bring an Industrial Revolution on the whole Globe. I sincerely hope that all concerned of the World, will further research on it and will implement it, globally for the Global Success.



Empower Economy Instantly through ACTIVE Business Partnerships between Financial Institutions and Experienced Entrepreneurs / Skilled Persons……

To boost the economy of a Developing Country or to maintain a stable condition of an economy of a Developed Country, both require a consistent monitoring and rapid adaption of techniques in line with all kind of economy trends.

Having tough lessons from the history of the world’s poor economic conditions particularly last Economic Recession of the World, we the Whole World should be united and think over the better Tomorrow for the Whole World. Having same vision, an endeavor in shape of a HYPOTHESIS / IDEA is as follows:


Banks & Financial Institutions should form ACTIVE Business Partnerships with Experienced Entrepreneur or Group of Entrepreneurs or Skilled Individuals or Group of Skilled Individuals, in any Industry.


Not like the Conventional / Inactive Partnerships between Financial Institutions that is based on Markup and Financial Institutions are not directly involved in the business activities of borrowers BUT in the Active Partnerships, Financial Institutions will have to WORK together with its Partner (not actually the borrower) in all business activities  as an ACTIVE PARTNER not on the basis of Markup BUT ON THE BASIS OF PROFIT SHARING.


Banks Funds + Partner cum Borrower = Good Business / Good Profits for both Partners


–          More Business Activities

–          More Employment

–          More Prosperity

–          Lowest Risks of Bank’s Funds

–          Better and Safe Utilization of Bank’s Funds

 All concerned, particularly Product Development Officials at Financial Institutions are requested to please think over this HYPOTHESIS / IDEA that seems Small but is having Big Ambitions.