Global Identification

‘Global Peace & Security’ is evident to everyone. It seems that it is now under the Wrong Hands. The World’s Most Peaceful Regions that were under Peace for numerous years and these were Peace Examples of the World, have been targeted today.

WE the Whole Globe should be united, immediately and should work together for Global Peace & Security. In this mission, I would like to share a Great Idea / Proposal that is ‘Global Identification’.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World. Each and every Action (particularly Movement) of an Individual, whether this action is taking place inside the Country OR anywhere in the World, should be recorded with this Global Identity, so that a proper record of an Individual can be maintained GLOBALLY, irrespective of his / her Country.

The Global Identification Number should be a Globally Unique Number that should be a combination of National Identity Number, Check Digit, Capital / Small Alphabets, Numbers and Special Characters. The Check Digit will be used to confirm the Integrity / Validity of Global Identification Number.

I sincerely believe that this ‘Global Identification’ concept is very Unique, will be very useful and all Concerned Authorities of the World will consider it.



Keep the WEB under Lock & Key

The World Wide Web (www) can be considered as ‘Heart of Information Technology’ and ‘Global Information Hub’. Congratulations to those, who are using this hub POSITIVELY.

But on the other hand, this hub is also being used negatively in shape of Financial Cyber Crimes, Non-Financial Cyber Crimes, Terrorism or any other similar activities. These negative activities have destroyed billion of dollars and are still destroying.

Individuals, Organizations, Countries and Group of Countries are consistently working to stop or to minimize these activities to avoid further Financial or Non-Financial Losses. Their endeavors are really commendable.

Now to participate in these noble efforts, I have a small but an effective idea that could bring a revolution in the Web Security.

The Idea is “WEB should be kept under Lock & Key and it should be accessed through National ID & Password of any Country.”

In other words whenever Web / www is typed on any machine, anywhere in the world; Web Security System should ask National ID and Password. After correct inputs, it should allow Web / www access, otherwise it should not. Password could be in any shape i.e. secret word, fingerprints, facial, iris recognition or any other advanced password types.

After a successful login, user will be able to use the Web / www until session closure. All his / her activities will be logged and will be kept highly CONFIDENTIAL by the Web Security System and should not be disclosed to any one until and unless an investigation needs to be done.

I sincerely hope that all concerned over the world, will review this Idea.

Enjoy a Happy & Healthy Life on the WEB……………………………….

Humanity Harmonization Hypothesis (HHH)

Since the inception of the World, each and every object, particularly the Humanity have been segregated into different categories on the basis of numerous Regions, Races, Religions, Beliefs, Colors, Genders, Casts, Classes, Languages and a lot more. This classification is very vital and should not be avoided in any case, as Nations are recognized & differentiated among different Nations. But with the passage of time, the ‘Segregation’ that was necessary for Recognition & Differentiation has now become the ‘Separation’. Difference of Opinions, Thoughts, Beliefs and Strategies are natural, every first person should respect every second person and these things should not be used for any opposition.


I request ALL, ‘Please live in this small world, friendly to covert this Planet into Paradise’. But perhaps this little but lovely request will be buried in the loud voices of Hate. But I am very hopeful that someone will help me to unite the humanity.


Now I feel that help has arrived that is about to convert into words. Actually I have very unique concept and I want to help the world / humanity through this theory.


Human Harmonization Hypothesis (HHH): According to this HHH Theory, to harmonize the Humanity, the Humanity should be categorized on the basis of Hobbies & Interests, first and then it can be further categorized on the basis of other conventional factors i.e. Regions, Races, Religions and etc.




Because the traditional factors i.e. Regions, Races, Colors and etc. are numerous & unlimited and these have broken the Humanity so much. But on the other side, Hobbies & Interest are few & limited and these will unite the Humanity.




For example, if Person A is having Hobbies & Interests as Reading, Writing and Volunteering. And the second Person B is also having the same Hobbies & Interests as Reading, Writing and Volunteering. So both persons could be grouped together at any platform / channel / medium, irrespective of their Regions, Races, Religions and etc. Similarly this Hobbies & Interest Group i.e. Reading, Writing and Volunteering (RWV) could have millions of millions people and they all can collaborate with each other for any positive objective. This collaboration, which is on the basis of Hobbies & Interest, will definitely remove all the differences among them. Hence, through this kind of alliances, in shape of different Hobbies & Interests Groups, Humanity will not split further but will come together with Love, Respect and Unity. Hope this hypothesis will be further improved and implemented for Global Peace, Progress and Prosperity




(Note: You can further promote / share / publish this idea, with my name, at any media / forum, for more Global Progress, Peace & Prosperity……)