Crack the ‘Software Cracking’

Everyone is fully responsible for his / her Goods & Bads and no other person is liable.

However, according to me, such circumstances & situations should be avoided that can force / encourage someone for doing some negative. In other words, such initiatives should be taken that can reduce / remove any illegal activities in the society.

Having same bright mission in my mind, I am going to disclose an amazing & unique idea that can convert millions of people from thieves to normal & legal consumers. How!!! Let’s imagine…

You are already aware that millions of software & apps are being cracked / used illegally at every second all over the world. In developed / rich countries, their rich citizens are easily paying the applicable license fee of apps and using legally. But in so many developing and under-developed countries, their citizens cannot afford to buy these apps at so much higher price. Hence they usually use inappropriate ways of cracking and using these apps.

According to my idea, if software companies offer some affordable / cheaper rates in these countries then illegal business of Software Cracking can be converted into a legal business. Yes, apparently, it seems impossible that a software company sells its software of $100 in $10 only but think, this software will be using by thousands of illegal users, in this way company earns nothing. Then, for instance, if this company sells its software, in $10 dollars in poor countries, then it could provide benefit in two ways.


Lost income that was on $0, will be started growing to a substantial amount.


Illegal users will be converted from illegal users to legal users.

In light of above, all concerned all over the world, please come with me to make this idea Practical and Useful; believe it, it can bring a revolution in the software industry that will finally grow the Global Economy.



How a small Wrapper can affect Life & Economy?

You may have seen some instances wherein companies offer like ‘Bring back wrapper and get discount…’. Yes, this idea is already exist wherein, to enhance sales or to achieve some other objectives, companies sometimes offer their consumers to get back the wrappers of their products and get some discount etc.

Now, if we see this activity in an innovative manner then this small activity can bring a big revolution in Life & Economy. Yes if this exercise is adopted worldwide by each and every company from a tiny wrapper of a candy to a biggest wrapper of electronics etc., then what a fantastic impact can be created let’s see:

Packaging Cost

Whether a wrapper is made of paper, plastic or any other stuff, it has a cost. If any wrapper is returned by consumer to company then, definitely a higher Packaging Cost can be saved.

Recycling Industry

As much as wrappers will be back, Recycling Industry will grow higher and higher.

Employment Opportunities

As much as Recycling Industry will grow; it will definitely kill the un-employment in shape of increasing employment opportunities. Consequently, Economic Growth will be ensured.

Pollution, Health & Environment

As much as wrappers will be returned by consumers, this will reduce the waste / garbage. Further, paper will be saved a lot and trees / forest will be more secured. Hence, pollution will be decreased, sufficiently that will create greater affect on Health & Environment.

Discounts & Savings

As much as wrappers will be returned by consumers; they will be having more and more discounts & savings.

Advertisement & Sales

As much as wrappers will be returned by some consumers; this will attract other consumers towards this product. Hence, it will create an automatic advertisement effect that will increase the sales, definitely.


ALL Mechanical Devices Can Be Used As “Electric Generators” to Reproduce / Save Electrical Energy…………..

‘Energy’ drives me, you, us, the whole Earth and above all, the whole Universe. So we must be so caring about it and we, as the whole humanity should think about its best use, not only for Today but for Tomorrow as well. Having the same thought, so many Individuals, Groups and Organizations are working to Reproduce / Save different kinds of energies.

Just to participate in this mission, I would like to share an Idea / Hypothesis that “All Mechanical Devices Should Be Converted Into Electric Generators To Reproduce / Save More Than 50% Electrical Energy, Globally On Daily Basis….”.

A Mechanical Device could be any device that can generate Electrical Energy, whether it is a small wheel of any machine fitted in any factory OR any type of fan, including Aeroplane most powerful fans OR any type of vehicle wheels including Aeroplane most powerful wheels. All these kind of devices in the whole world, could be used to reproduce / save Electrical Energy and then this reproduced / recycled Electrical Energy can be saved in batteries or can be re-used. According to me, through this idea, the whole planet can save more than 50% Electrical Energy DAILY.

All concerned are requested to please review this idea / hypothesis. If this is workable, so we can save the whole humanity from All Energy Crisis, particularly in the Developing and Poor Countries.


Keep the WEB under Lock & Key

The World Wide Web (www) can be considered as ‘Heart of Information Technology’ and ‘Global Information Hub’. Congratulations to those, who are using this hub POSITIVELY.

But on the other hand, this hub is also being used negatively in shape of Financial Cyber Crimes, Non-Financial Cyber Crimes, Terrorism or any other similar activities. These negative activities have destroyed billion of dollars and are still destroying.

Individuals, Organizations, Countries and Group of Countries are consistently working to stop or to minimize these activities to avoid further Financial or Non-Financial Losses. Their endeavors are really commendable.

Now to participate in these noble efforts, I have a small but an effective idea that could bring a revolution in the Web Security.

The Idea is “WEB should be kept under Lock & Key and it should be accessed through National ID & Password of any Country.”

In other words whenever Web / www is typed on any machine, anywhere in the world; Web Security System should ask National ID and Password. After correct inputs, it should allow Web / www access, otherwise it should not. Password could be in any shape i.e. secret word, fingerprints, facial, iris recognition or any other advanced password types.

After a successful login, user will be able to use the Web / www until session closure. All his / her activities will be logged and will be kept highly CONFIDENTIAL by the Web Security System and should not be disclosed to any one until and unless an investigation needs to be done.

I sincerely hope that all concerned over the world, will review this Idea.

Enjoy a Happy & Healthy Life on the WEB……………………………….

Rebuild Buildings to Revive Industries

The Buildings that are Cultural, National or Religious Heritage, are always priceless, these should not be neglected and these must be taken care of very well, like a Treasure.

However, there are millions of ordinary Residential / Commercial Buildings exist in different countries that have become very old, these are in critical conditions and contain a lot of risk. Sometimes we hear some very sad news about the collapse of these poor buildings with a loss of precious assets, most particularly the Human Lives.

Resolution of the issue is very apparent that these old buildings should be demolished and new buildings should be constructed. This solution could be feasible for National Properties or Single Owner Properties or Small Group of Owners Properties but this remedy can never be applied with so many ownerships like Residential Flats and Commercial Buildings etc.

To resolve this issue, I have an Idea that is according to my knowledge, is very unique one and never implemented anywhere in the World.

Interested Governments OR Local / Foreign Investors / Builders / Contractors OR any other Authorized Bodies can invest into it and can earn Substantial Profits, in shape of Sale / Rent of newly constructed Flats / Commercial Offices after demolishing of the old constructions.  Now the question is: Will the existing residents / owners, be agreed? And How?

All existing residents / owners must be treated very ethically and fairly, by providing them different beneficial offers according to their needs and wishes. For example, if ‘A’ type of owners want to sale their unit (flat / office) immediately, so they will. For example, if ‘B’ type of owners don’t want to sale their unit so a more lucrative offers will have to be given to them. For example, if ‘C’ type of owners want to upgrade their unit and want to buy a unit in newly constructed building, after committing / paying the additional cost, so they will. After completion / signing of Agreements, building will have to be evacuated for demolishing and constructions of new building. Two additional major expenses can be incurred like demolishing of old building and amounts paid, on the purchase of units from the existing residents.  Further, sum of total amounts paid on the purchase of old units can also exceed the present market value of the whole plot but all these additional costs can very easily be covered through construction of additional units on additional floors. You can go for twice or more than that, for example if the old building was 5-storey so the new one can be 10-storey or higher; it totally depends upon the size of your projected investment and the permission, you would acquire from the Local Building Controlling Authority for the additional floors.

If the above idea is further analyzed by the concerned, all over the World and it is implemented, so it can very easily kill the Un-Employment and this idea can also bring a Revolution in the numerous industries like Construction, Property (Sale / Rent), Cement & Marbles, Iron & Steel, Electricity Cable and etc.


Ever-changing Encryption

For the benefit of my whole sweet World, my perception always keeps me restless, it always encourages me to constantly think over something good & better for the Globe and I can never stop my pen to write new ideas / imaginations whether these are accepted or rejected. In the same vision, I am consistently trying to imagine an unbreakable encryption that can help the World and hacking losses could be reduced / ended.

Yes, according to me, it is a newest encryption method i.e. ‘Ever-changing Encryption’ wherein encrypted information will not be in a single state but it will be in an ever-changing position, constantly till the final destination. In other words, while travelling from source to destination, any encrypted data will not maintain its actual position but it will be ever-changing dynamically. Hence, it will be a more and more secured way of encryption and it will be very difficult / impossible for anyone to break.

All concerned are requested to please look into this thought that can bring a revolution into Cryptology and can give a great benefit to this World.

Never stop ‘positive imagination’, due to fear of being rejected…

Revolutionize the KYC & AML

Continued efforts, all over the world, are still under way to further strengthen the KYC and AML Processes.

In this mission, I would also like to participate by adding my small words that I think, could bring big revolution here. According to me, a Unique Global Identification at World Level can boost the process very much. In other words, a Unique Global Identification of an individual / organization can help to make the system, healthier. If a Unique Global Identification is designed and then applied on each & every record of the World then summarized information of all activities / transactions can easily be obtained for a specific individual / organization. This will also help to analyze / summarize the future activities / transactions, as well. Further, it will also provide useful information about ‘Know Your Customer’ and then ‘Anti Money Laundering’ etc. Hence, a very solid net of Global Identification will be created over the Globe wherein no one will be able to save himself from it and his every activity / transaction, anywhere in the World, will not be recorded without his Unique Global Identification because a strict world law will ensure it.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES / TRANSACTIONS for a specific individual / organization.

For further details, my following Idea / Article can assist you a lot:

“Global Identification”



“THOUGHTFUL RESOURCING” for Lesser Wastage and Higher Productivity…

How to lessen the Wastage and increase the Productivity with existing Resources, even with lesser Resources. How? Yes, it is ‘Thoughtful Resourcing’.
According to me, if resources are applied thoughtfully, then using existing resources even with lesser resources, we can reduce the wastage and can increase the productivity.
I have a lot on this theory ‘Thoughtful Resourcing’ but to save your precious time I want to share with you, a small glimpse that will be so amazing for you.
For example if we apply this theory on Business / Education Timings in the World so Millions of Dollars can be saved Daily. Think, if we divide the Business / Education Timings into 4 time slots. For example 8 am – 12 pm, 10 am – 02 pm, 12 pm – 3 pm and 4 pm – 8 pm so a lot of Time, Cost and Efforts could be saved that are usually wasted during rush hours and traffic jams etc., just because of few time slots.
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Idea By: Muhammad Asim – Global Progress Volunteer

LAME Advertisement Approach

Among, numerous Advertisement Approaches, I have an amazing advertisement approach i.e. LAME (Less Annoying & More Effective) Advertisement Approach that, according to me, a unique one, never adopted yet anywhere in the world and can bring a revolution in the Advertisement Industry. ‘Advertisement’ is directly linked with ‘Growth of All Industries’ and ‘Growth of All Industries’ is directly linked with ‘Growth of Economy’.

I think, time has gone when Bigger, Prettier and Comprehensive Advertisement Material was more effective. In the race of size, beauty and comprehensiveness, Advertisement Industry has crossed its limits. Though a significant growth in the Advertisement Industry particularly in the Digital Marketing etc. can be seen but Advertisement Industry is not only unable to get the desired attention of target viewers / consumers and but advertisement is now becoming, irritating and disturbing for viewers / consumers. Whether it is ‘A Boring & Long TV / Radio Ad.’ or ‘A Disturbing Giant Billboard on a roadside’ or ‘Consistently Annoying Text Messages’ or ‘Continuously Distracting Digital Ads. on the Internet / Websites’, all present Advertisement Stuff has now become ‘disturbing’ instead of ‘promoting’ and people are in continuous search of ways, how to escape from these material. Numerous solutions have already come into the market but believe it, these solutions can be very risky for the Advertisement Industry that is indirectly linked with Economic Growth. Hence, to save the Advertisement Industry, we have to find a solution wherein Advertisement could be less annoying and more effective. Just to save your precious time, I would like to share an outline of my LAME Advertisement Approach as follows:

  1. TV / Radio Ads should be restricted to maximum 12 Seconds, covering all possible ethics.


  1. Billboard size should be restricted to 24 x 24 Inches and should be fitted in a sequential manner without creating any obstacles to people and without hiding natural beauty of Trees & Plants etc.


  1. ‘Less Images and More Text’ Strategy should be followed in all types of advertisement material as we have to promote the ‘product’ not the ‘glamor’.


  1. Digital Ads on the Internet / Websites should not be appeared from random directions but these should be displayed at the bottom of the page / screen and its area should not exceed 12 mm in height, however it can cover the whole width of the screen.



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Idea By: Muhammad Asim – Global Progress Volunteer

Air Quality

‘Air-pollution’ is not only one of the major global consistent crises but also a silent Earth Killer. Destruction of Ozone Layer, Increasing road accidents due to smog, Rising different diseases among animals & humans,  Bad Changes on Global Climate, Crop & Forests Damages, Premature deaths including children and a lot more; these are the attacking ways of this Killer and Smokestacks / Chimneys or any other smoke emitting objects are its Guns that are consistently firing harmful / poisonous gases.

So many Anti Air-pollution research & developments are being made globally that are appreciated.

Just to add my efforts into this mission, I have an amazing Anti Air-pollution Approach that according to me, if adopted so it can reduce Air-pollution all over the world, significantly.

Presently, a variety of Anti Air-pollution Masks are being used globally to cover human faces for the protection from damaging gases. Human faces are Targets that are protected with masks but I think we have forgotten to protect the Origins…

According to this technique, Anti Air-pollution Masks or related material should also be applied on Smokestacks / Chimneys and all other smoke emitting objects to considerably reduce the emission of destructive fumes.

Thinking Healthy to Live Healthy…

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Idea By: Muhammad Asim – Global Progress Volunteer