How a small Wrapper can affect Life & Economy?

You may have seen some instances wherein companies offer like ‘Bring back wrapper and get discount…’. Yes, this idea is already exist wherein, to enhance sales or to achieve some other objectives, companies sometimes offer their consumers to get back the wrappers of their products and get some discount etc.

Now, if we see this activity in an innovative manner then this small activity can bring a big revolution in Life & Economy. Yes if this exercise is adopted worldwide by each and every company from a tiny wrapper of a candy to a biggest wrapper of electronics etc., then what a fantastic impact can be created let’s see:

Packaging Cost

Whether a wrapper is made of paper, plastic or any other stuff, it has a cost. If any wrapper is returned by consumer to company then, definitely a higher Packaging Cost can be saved.

Recycling Industry

As much as wrappers will be back, Recycling Industry will grow higher and higher.

Employment Opportunities

As much as Recycling Industry will grow; it will definitely kill the un-employment in shape of increasing employment opportunities. Consequently, Economic Growth will be ensured.

Pollution, Health & Environment

As much as wrappers will be returned by consumers, this will reduce the waste / garbage. Further, paper will be saved a lot and trees / forest will be more secured. Hence, pollution will be decreased, sufficiently that will create greater affect on Health & Environment.

Discounts & Savings

As much as wrappers will be returned by consumers; they will be having more and more discounts & savings.

Advertisement & Sales

As much as wrappers will be returned by some consumers; this will attract other consumers towards this product. Hence, it will create an automatic advertisement effect that will increase the sales, definitely.



Remo-Offi Working Methodology

In Online Working, no physical appearance is necessary at Workplace and employees can work remotely / at home very easily.

This new system is increasing due to its advantages like Affordability, Flexibility, Saving of Time, Cost, Efforts and Energy etc. on both Employer end and Employee end but it is also facing obstacles in its growth in shape of its disadvantages like Lack of Interaction, Teamwork and Discipline etc. Neither importance of Online Working can be avoided nor could efficiency of Offline Working/ Working at Workplace be ignored. Hence what to do? Let’s think more innovatively.

Yes, according to me, if we have to take advantages of both the systems then we have to adopt a new method i.e. ‘Remo-Off Working Methodology’. As name tells, this new system will be having characteristics of both system i.e. Online and Offline Working. This new system will be functioning 50% on Online Working and 50% will be working on Offline Working. For example if a business works 6 days in a week, then according to this new system, it will work 3 days on Online Working System and for the rest of 3 days, it will work as Offline Working System. In this way employees will enjoy the benefits of both the systems.

Imagine, through this new system, World / Humanity / Employed Community will save Thousands of Hours, Millions of Dollars, Trillion of Calories and a lot more on daily basis.