Ms. Loyalty Vs Ms. Disloyalty

Ms. Loyalty

Hello! How are you Disloyalty?

Ms. Disloyalty

I am very well but consistently doing others, unwell.

Ms. Loyalty

But I am continuously doing others, well. Do they really know that you are doing them unwell?

Ms. Disloyalty

This is my first & foremost success that affected person doesn’t know or feel it that he / she is unwell by me and he feels him like others but actually I have entered into him to destroy slowly.

Ms. Loyalty

Like you, no one can see me and I also like to move into individuals to build them positively & gradually. How someone can feel you that you have entered into him?

Ms. Disloyalty

If a person forgets about right & wrong while doing any action, these are symptoms that Disloyalty is there. How do you make someone feel that you are into him?

Ms. Loyalty

If a person always tries to maximize his right actions and minimize his wrong actions, these are signs that Loyalty is there. Could you please say some other things about you?

Ms. Disloyalty

Why not? I am Disloyalty, my father is False and my mother is Negativity. I have so many children and still growing the numbers but my beloved children are dishonest, careless, unkind, lethargy and shirk. I usually enter into someone with my whole family. I with my family always try to destroy / spoil the relationship between a person with him, with his family, with his work, with his cause, with his country and etc. Amazingly the person wherein I live, he always likes you Loyalty. In other words, he always likes everything / everyone loyal with him but he continues paying disloyalty with everything / everyone.  If everything apparently looks fine by him but he doesn’t know that I harm him slowly and with compound effect, I completely destroy him by making him useless / failed for himself, his family, his work, his cause and for everyone. Now what about you?

Ms. Loyalty

Sure, I am Loyalty, my father is Truth and my mother is Positivity. I have so many children and still growing the numbers but my beloved children are honest, careful, kind, energetic and hard worker. I usually enter into someone with my whole family. I with my family always try to build / strengthen the relationship between a person with him, with his family, with his work, with his cause, with his country and etc. The person wherein I live, he always likes me. In other words, he always likes everything / everyone loyal with him and he obtains it and he continues providing loyalty with everything / everyone.  I give him benefit slowly that doesn’t appear immediately and with compound effect, I completely build him by making him useful / successful for himself, his family, his work, his cause and for everyone. Last question: could you please leave your place so that I can reside there?

Ms. Disloyalty

Why not? I can leave that place for you, if a person re-thinks and re-considers his lifestyle deeply and decides this positive replacement any time before his last day in this world.



Success WILL NOT BE Success…

For your positive Goals and Objectives; you are working for day & night; please keep it up. May God, you get your success soon and your dreams come true. But be aware of your hidden enemy that will change your success into your failure and your success will not be your success. I felt it my responsibility to make you aware about this dreadful fact. Perhaps you would be known to it but this time I am trying to disclose it in a different manner.

Ya, if you don’t pay attention towards it then it can destroy your achievements. In other words, you will not be able to enjoy your accomplishments. How is it possible that once success is achieved then it is damaged / reduced? Success is not cheaper and easy thing that it could be achieved again and again. You attain Success, after a lot of time, struggle, hard work, failures, smart work and etc. It comes in your life only once so you will never ever want to lose it or decrease it. BUT your hidden enemy is always with you that will make you harm when you will get your success in shape of Wealth, Fame, Position and etc.

So, the urgent & serious need is to kill that hidden enemy right now so that it could never ever attack on your success. Before killing, you must know it very well then you will be able to kill it. Could you please guess it yourself?…… No issue, I am with you and will help you to identify that enemy / negligence and then you will destroy it yourself, easily and your success will be saved.

Imagine, if you are succeeded and you obtained all your goals and objectives then at that time, you don’t have your fitness / health / wellbeing then please answer, you will be able to enjoy that happiness of success, completely. No never, you will not be able to do so, if your health doesn’t allow you to enjoy. Because the whole life, you focused on your goal only and you ignored your health consistently. Further, you also used harmful things that have killed your health slowly. Now when you have achieved everything, you have lost your health that can complete your wealth. Yes, you must be heard the quote ‘Health is Wealth’ but my quote is ‘Health completes your Wealth and success will not be success in the absence of Health’. Hence, from now onwards please promise with you that you will look after your health continuously regardless of how much you are busy with your aims and objectives. In this way, you will be able to maintain your health & fitness successfully, you will be able to enjoy / take benefits from your success, completely and finally your success WILL BE your success.


EXCellent EXChange


Many of the times, a person is having extra ABC Goods or Services and he needs XYZ Goods or Services. On the other hand another person is having extra XYZ Goods or Services and he needs ABC Goods or Services. Hence, if both the persons are mutually / happily agreed then they can exchange / barter ABC Goods or Services with XYZ Goods or Services then needs of both individuals, will be fulfilled and no money will be required as well. This exchange could be done on Non-Trade / Domestic Need basis. According to me, this idea “EXCellent EXChange” is an innovative & improved form of old barter system whose details are being discussed below:


Money Saving: Definitely, this system can save a lot of money and goods / services can be obtained without spending money. This saved money can further be spent on some goods / services that cannot be purchased through barter.

Prompt Fulfillment of Need / Desire: For example you require a laptop but you have an extra / unused portable tablet and you found an individual who has extra laptop and he is in need of a portable tablet. You deal with him, exchange / barter is done, then need / desire of both individuals will be fulfilled, very promptly without spending a cent.

Goods against Services or Vice Versa: In this system, you can also exchange goods in replacement of services or vice versa. For example someone needs your services and he is offering you a cell phone you require urgently, then after performing services by you for him, you can easily get your cell phone.

Increase in Transportation Business: When large items are exchanged, then business of Transportation can also be increased that will definitely minimize unemployment.

Increase in Online Business: On any exchange, online forums / bartering sites can earn a lot through advertisement etc.


Taxes: In this exchange, Governments / State will not be able to earn. However, this issue could be resolved by application of nominal tax on this type of exchange.

Hard to find exact buyer / exchanger: It is hard to find exact buyer / exchanger who wants same product or services exactly that you want to exchange.             Yes, it was an issue in the past but now when world has become a Global Village due to Internet / Online Forums, this issue has also been resolved. It is now very easy to find exact / favorite buyer by publishing your requirement on any online forum.

Difficult to measure exact value / expected exploitation: It is difficult to measure / balance values of products or services. For example one individual is having laptop and he requires portable tablet. Other individual is having portable tablet and he requires laptop. If both are agreed to contact of exchange and do it then it could be a conflict if present value of both products are varied. This is also not permissible in different religions but this issue could be resolved if that person whose product or services have higher value ignores the additional value that is going to be lost. Further there will also be no issue when both persons are happily do it without any issue, pressure, distress or being felt exploited etc.  

Proposed Process

1. On any online forum / bartering site (wherever not restricted), any concerned individual can post details of Goods or Services, he possesses and requires.

2. Any concerned individual can contact other individual in case of match of Goods or Services.

3. After thorough checking / analysis of Goods or Services, a mutually & happily accepted agreement (Verbal / Written) could be made so that required Goods or Services could be exchanged, accordingly.

4. Both parties will bear their respective operational / transportation expenses and etc. themselves.


Any idea / system can only be successful when entire social, religious, regulatory communities and other concerned authorities accept it without any objection. Hence, this system should be implemented after approval of ALL CONCERNED AUTHORITIES of respective regions / countries so that maximum humanity could take benefit from it. 


Presently, as per my idea, its scope is limited to Non-Trade / Domestic Goods & Services. However, going future, depending upon its success, its application can further be extended to National / International Trade and a lot more. If you think deeply, then any positive application of this system can go beyond your imagination. Think if this system resolves any conflict etc. among two countries. And a lot more…

In light of above, I sincerely hope that concerned resources all over the world will really look into it and will promote the barter system in an innovative way.


Goodbye Test

Any test, experiment or trial is actually a procedure to establish / judge the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use. Tests are widely popular and in use in different fields i.e. Education, Chemistry, Medical Sciences, Physics, Research, Information Technology and etc. Purpose and objective of almost all tests are to have the experiment results to move further with respect to qualify someone, proceed further on some research, prescribe medicine for a patient and etc. Hence, tests & experiments are most beneficial for the Progress, Advancement and Prosperity of the whole Globe / Humanity.

Different medical tests, recommended by physicians / doctors are very helpful to move further for the recovery / health / life of a patient. Thus these tests provide life to humans. Due to day-to-day improvement & innovation these medical tests have become more life-saving / life-giving.

Have you ever heard about life-destructing / life-taking tests? For example a doctor says ‘First I will conduct a medical test on you and then you will be died soon after this “Goodbye Test”’. You will immediately say that you are not a doctor but a killer or mad and then you will never visit him again.

Do you know about any such test available in this world that are conducted / performed to test that this will kill the human (s) successfully or not? If, yes, then we all should put our efforts individually & collectively, to condemn / stop them. This will be in the benefit of whole Humanity towards a Prosperous, Peaceful and Progressing future of the World.


LESS horses; MORE horses

Once, a KING made a big & amazing announcement that “People! I will provide you horse babies, who will bring-up those horse babies, I will always be happy with those people, will call them ‘King Friends’ and will give them gifts & other precious items forever. I promise that I will provide you their feed forever but when they will be grown-up, I will check them and will also analyze how much good efforts you made in bringing them up.”

Everyone wanted to be on the list of ‘King Friends’, hence, people started to get horse babies from the King and started bringing up them. These people were not worried about the feed because it was promised by King himself to provide forever. Hence, almost everyone got horse babies as maximum as possible and started bringing them up. In bringing them up, two ways / behaviors were found in two types of people:

“A” type of people got lesser number of horse babies from the King because they felt that they will not be able to handle a lot of horses easily, they listened to the King’s instructions carefully & completely and they wanted to fulfill these advices, completely & successfully. According to them, due to lesser number of horse babies, they brought up these horse babies very well in all aspects and finally they succeeded to made very useful, trained, good-mannered and successful horses.

“B” type of people got higher number of horse babies from the King because they thought that they will be able to handle a lot of horses easily, they did not listen to the King’s instructions carefully & completely and they did not know as how to fulfill these advices, completely & successfully. They tried hard but due to higher number of horse babies and lots of efforts involved, they failed to bring up these horse babies in a good manner in all aspects and finally they made very un-useful, un-trained, ill-mannered and failed horses.

After some years, the time came when King announced for the inspection / analysis of prepared horses. When King inspected “A” type of people, he was so much happy because those people followed the King’s instructions carefully & completely and they have not only prepared very useful, trained, good-mannered and successful horses but they have actually prepared Series of Races of Good Horses. King admired that type of people a lot, presented them precious gifts and declared them ‘King Friends’ forever.

When King inspected “B” type of people, he was so much angry because those people did not follow the King’s instructions carefully & completely. They listened and remembered only that King promised to provide feed forever but they did not listen carefully that King has not promised about ‘Care, Attention & Training’ for horse babies. Hence, they have not only prepared very un-useful, un-trained, ill-mannered and failed horses but they have actually prepared Series of Races of Bad Horses. King disliked that type of people a lot, did not present them any gifts and not declared them ‘King Friends’.

The above story doesn’t emphasize that which one is correct, having lesser number of horses OR having higher number of horses but this story strongly emphasize that “ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, COMPLETELY & CAREFULLY…”

How a small Wrapper can affect Life & Economy?

You may have seen some instances wherein companies offer like ‘Bring back wrapper and get discount…’. Yes, this idea is already exist wherein, to enhance sales or to achieve some other objectives, companies sometimes offer their consumers to get back the wrappers of their products and get some discount etc.

Now, if we see this activity in an innovative manner then this small activity can bring a big revolution in Life & Economy. Yes if this exercise is adopted worldwide by each and every company from a tiny wrapper of a candy to a biggest wrapper of electronics etc., then what a fantastic impact can be created let’s see:

Packaging Cost

Whether a wrapper is made of paper, plastic or any other stuff, it has a cost. If any wrapper is returned by consumer to company then, definitely a higher Packaging Cost can be saved.

Recycling Industry

As much as wrappers will be back, Recycling Industry will grow higher and higher.

Employment Opportunities

As much as Recycling Industry will grow; it will definitely kill the un-employment in shape of increasing employment opportunities. Consequently, Economic Growth will be ensured.

Pollution, Health & Environment

As much as wrappers will be returned by consumers, this will reduce the waste / garbage. Further, paper will be saved a lot and trees / forest will be more secured. Hence, pollution will be decreased, sufficiently that will create greater affect on Health & Environment.

Discounts & Savings

As much as wrappers will be returned by consumers; they will be having more and more discounts & savings.

Advertisement & Sales

As much as wrappers will be returned by some consumers; this will attract other consumers towards this product. Hence, it will create an automatic advertisement effect that will increase the sales, definitely.


Remo-Offi Working Methodology

In Online Working, no physical appearance is necessary at Workplace and employees can work remotely / at home very easily.

This new system is increasing due to its advantages like Affordability, Flexibility, Saving of Time, Cost, Efforts and Energy etc. on both Employer end and Employee end but it is also facing obstacles in its growth in shape of its disadvantages like Lack of Interaction, Teamwork and Discipline etc. Neither importance of Online Working can be avoided nor could efficiency of Offline Working/ Working at Workplace be ignored. Hence what to do? Let’s think more innovatively.

Yes, according to me, if we have to take advantages of both the systems then we have to adopt a new method i.e. ‘Remo-Off Working Methodology’. As name tells, this new system will be having characteristics of both system i.e. Online and Offline Working. This new system will be functioning 50% on Online Working and 50% will be working on Offline Working. For example if a business works 6 days in a week, then according to this new system, it will work 3 days on Online Working System and for the rest of 3 days, it will work as Offline Working System. In this way employees will enjoy the benefits of both the systems.

Imagine, through this new system, World / Humanity / Employed Community will save Thousands of Hours, Millions of Dollars, Trillion of Calories and a lot more on daily basis.