REAL 10 Years Challenge

‘Wow! You have changed a lot in ten years…’

‘Amazing! You are looking more handsome & smart…’

‘Oh no, you are looking younger than before, have you swapped your snaps???’

Yes, these are the interesting comments & voices you must be seeing & hearing wherein people are sharing their two snaps of Year 2009 and Year 2019. It is an appealing event that everyone is enjoying. Any positive activity / occasion among society should always be promoted for a healthy and happy affect on Life.

It is good to take two snaps and provide a comparison of our Outer Personality but there should be a camera that can take the snap of our Inner Personality and we ourselves can compare the difference of our Inner Personality during ten years. Anyway, till the invention of such camera, we, we can better judge that what good or bad differences have been made in our Inner Personality.

Following are some examples that you can do it yourself, personally to do the REAL 10-Years Challenge / Comparison over Inner Personality:


How much we have improved ourselves to speak more truth and how much we have avoided speaking lie.


How much we have improved positiveness in our lives and how much we have avoided negativeness. Positiveness and Negativeness are very broader terms here that can be used in Doing, Drinking, Eating, Thinking, Seeing, Feeling, Considering and a lot more.

Good Habits

How much we have introduced & promoted Good Habits into our lives and how much we have tried to reduce & remove bad habits from our lives.


How much we have increased the sincerity towards ourselves, our family, our friends, whole society and the whole world. Anyone who is not sincere with him can never be sincere with anyone…

In light of above, it is also fact that we are not angles but humans and can commit mistakes. However to avoid these mistakes as maximum as possible, is the key to success and to do goods as maximum as possible, is also a key to success.



A Day can have more than 24 Hours

We have heard, read and followed different Time Management Skills but according to me, this new, unique and amazing technique never ever thought.

Yes, according to this method, ‘A Day can have more than 24 Hours’ but how. Let’s explore. Actually Life is so beautiful and if we live it with so much Relaxation then it could be useless & aimless. However, if we spend it with so much Work then it could be boring & colorless. Hence, neither we should live it like a Wandering Bee nor we should live it like a Hostage. So we have to draw a straight line between Relaxation and Work that can make our life happier, healthier and easier.

Yes, according to this new theory, we should not squeeze our Daily Schedule for 24 Hours but we should keep it flexible that can grow to next day. For example if you have daily 12 tasks to accomplish in a day then do jobs, one by one with full of concentration and relaxation, without any hurry & panic.  Complete it, then move to next job, don’t care about day end and perform rest of the jobs next day or later. In this way sometimes, your schedule will be ended in a day or sometimes in a day or two. Upon completion of schedule, then again start it from job 1 and so on. Believe it, it is my tested solution that is working very well. Hope, you will try it and will provide your very valued feedback soon.

Further, if you further enhance the peace, pleasure and progress in your life then please must read the following:

Life Beautifying Formula       


Global Identification

‘Global Peace & Security’ is evident to everyone. It seems that it is now under the Wrong Hands. The World’s Most Peaceful Regions that were under Peace for numerous years and these were Peace Examples of the World, have been targeted today.

WE the Whole Globe should be united, immediately and should work together for Global Peace & Security. In this mission, I would like to share a Great Idea / Proposal that is ‘Global Identification’.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World. Each and every Action (particularly Movement) of an Individual, whether this action is taking place inside the Country OR anywhere in the World, should be recorded with this Global Identity, so that a proper record of an Individual can be maintained GLOBALLY, irrespective of his / her Country.

The Global Identification Number should be a Globally Unique Number that should be a combination of National Identity Number, Check Digit, Capital / Small Alphabets, Numbers and Special Characters. The Check Digit will be used to confirm the Integrity / Validity of Global Identification Number.

I sincerely believe that this ‘Global Identification’ concept is very Unique, will be very useful and all Concerned Authorities of the World will consider it.


Real Handicapped

1.    Having Mind but doesn’t think positive and sometimes doesn’t think even.

2.    Having Heart but doesn’t have love, sympathy, respect & feelings.

3.    Having Eyes but doesn’t have vision.

4.    Having Ears bud doesn’t listen carefully.

5.    Having Nose bud doesn’t differentiate fragrance and smell.

6.    Having Mouth bud doesn’t eat n drink positive.

7.    Having Shoulders but doesn’t bear responsibilities.

8.    Having Hands but doesn’t do something for others.

9.    Having Legs but doesn’t go to the positive.

10.  Having Sense but doesn’t distinguish positive and negative paths.

11.  Having Soul but living with body only.

12.  Having Life but doesn’t live a life and just passing.

Real Saving – A technique to increase your Health n Wealth

Those who save money, time and other valuables; it is called ‘Saving’ but let me introduce an amazing technique i.e. ‘Real Saving Technique’. Yes, real saving is to save Energy & Efforts because Energy & Effort are the real assets of a human and these assets are directly linked to health and life. This technique doesn’t teach you lethargy, dullness and other negative behaviors but it educates that don’t waste these priceless assets in unnecessary activities but utilize the same into productive / purposeful activities to get the utmost peace of mind & body. In this way your normal savings will also be increased because you will save more Efforts & Energy that will be used further to increase your both Health & Wealth. How you can use this technique; some tips are as under:

Don’t respond to anything wherein response is not necessary like Text Messages, Calls, Emails and Other Notifications etc. But respond quickly & gently wherein it is needed because not to respond is big part of bad manners.

Don’t respond to any verbal communication wherein response is not needed. But respond promptly wherein it is required because not to respond is out of etiquettes.

Don’t remember & respond people’s bad attitude towards you. If you will remember & respond then you will waste your Energy & Efforts; you will be like them. Hence, ignore them; very soon those will be your friends due to your humble attitude.

Don’t involve into unnecessary discussions / talks. But don’t keep you away from gentle participation in fruitful debates.

Don’t engage into un-assigned tasks. But never keep you away from helping others.

Hope the above technique will benefit you the most.


Life Beautifying Formula

Life is fully beautiful or not? Perhaps, it is beautiful with some ugliness, it is lovely with some hate, and it is easy with some difficulty, it is pleasant with some sadness…

However, by adding some positive efforts it could be more beautiful, lovelier, easier and more pleasant. But how? Let me share a Life Beautifying Formula that can bring an excellent change into your Lives. Apply it and feel the difference yourself.

Life has different events, parts and moments and these cannot be fully favorable ever but using this formula, you can beautify your life as maximum as possible. The formula is ‘Pass every moment of Life, considering it, as First & Last moment of your life….’.

Yes, it is proven fact when someone will assume his / her every moment of life, as First & Last moment then definitely / naturally, he will try his level best to pass every moment by utilizing best of his abilities, inputs and resources etc. In other words he will try to make every moment Beautiful, Lovely and Interesting. In this way he will also use maximum level of his tolerance, mildness and forbearance etc. to get the desired positive results. Whether, it is a business meeting, family gathering, travelling, shopping, or any event, he will always try to avoid spoiling any event, both in favorable or in un-favorable situations. Then what will happen, he will decorate every moment of his life and the whole life, will finally become a BEAUTIFUL LIFE.


Miss Management

Hi Madam, how are you. We see you everywhere in this world. Those places are very lucky wherein you don’t exist. What I have learned about you, please allow me to mention here, if you don’t mind.

Usually Everyone, Every time, blames on Situations, Society, System, Management and Governance etc. but we never think that YOU (MISMANAGEMENT) are actually born within ourselves first then you spread further. Means, if we mismanage our time, efforts, energy etc. then we are actually the first responsible for creation of you. Yes, it is true that loopholes in Laws, Policies, Procedures and Norms etc. are also responsible for you but you are first created from us when we start mismanaging things and ourselves. We one by one, at our individual capacity do it and then the whole society suffers with you and then finally we make responsible other factors instead of judging our own incorrect role.

We all know so many consequences of Mismanagement. It is not only affects life but it can also take life. Let me quote you a real example. Once I visited a bank of a country and requested the teller to please provide me bigger denomination as I had to carry this cash to a farther location, so please do me this favor and reduce the risk of both this money & my life. But due to the mismanagement he provided me smaller denomination notes, hence quantity of notes increased and I had to carry the same with so much difficulty and with the risk of my life as well. Amazingly, it also happened again second time when I visited them; this is how Mismanagement can take life.

The above example was related to earth, now please come to skies. We have witnessed many times, the loss of numerous lives in plane crashes. If any abrupt fault occurs in the air then it is another matter but is it not due to Mismanagement of the relevant individuals who are responsible to perform their duties particularly before any flight? Have any responsible ever sentenced to imprisonment or death due to his / her negligence and mismanagement?

Anyway, let’s forget the bitterness of past and go-ahead for a sweetest future. So how to reduce / remove Mismanagement, let’s try to think together. According to my perception, instead of blaming other factors we should try to remove it from our self, first. We should take the undertaking from our self NOW that from now onwards we will try at our level best to minimize / remove any mismanagement from us and we will try to properly utilize different resources like time, efforts, energy etc. to be able to make our self, most useful member of a society.

 Goodbye Miss Management!!!


Why not if someone, tries to spare at least 1-Day in a week and spend it, in the following manner. This is not against freedom of living but it is a unique and tested formula to polish the freedom, to increase the peace, to multiply the pleasure and a lot more good things in life.


1-Day only; not more than that.


No lying and speak the truth, whatever difficulties you face in telling the truth. Remember, a truth can bring one time difficulty but a lie brings consistent difficulties.


Overcome all bad habits (if any) like, hurting others, trying to find the faults in others, teasing others, taunting others, wasting time and any bad habit (s).


Be careful of YOU, your loved ones, your colleagues and neighbors etc.


Listen carefully to YOU, your loved ones, your colleagues and neighbors etc.


Earn love, friendships and relationships.


Never leave the smiling because smile is also a weapon against each and every kind of bad situations.


Effectively participate for the Global Peace, Progress and Prosperity etc.


Solve the problems of people as maximum as possible.


Save yourself from any negativity and do positive, see positive, listen positive, eat & drink positive and think positive etc.


Smartfluenza Disease

According to my research & observation, a disease ‘Smartfluenza’ is increasing, very speedily and secretly, among us. If we will not know about it particularly its remedies then it will create further Mental / Physical disorders and our lives will be affected very badly.


Definition: ‘Smartfluenza’ is the name that is given by me and it describes a disease, related to incorrect and excessive use of Smartphones.

Smartphones: It is a greatest and an agreed truth that this device is the top most useful device and no one can decrease its importance & usefulness. Sometimes, it works more than that of our good friend. But it should also be remembered that any incorrect / excessive use of any Useful gadget, can make it Useless.

Causes: Anyone can be suffered from this disease, due to incorrect / excessive use of Smartphones.

Symptoms & Remedies

Attention & Respect

We give Attention & Respect to our phones instead of people.  In addition to Phone Calls and Texting, other Communication / Messenger / Social Media Apps consistently keep us engaged and we don’t pay proper attention to people that they deserve for it. Specially, when we interact with someone particularly with our closed ones, we usually don’t pay them, full attention but we keep continue using / viewing different notifications on the phone. In this manner, we make someone feels that we are not giving him attention, value and respect. Think it from your end, if someone behaves in a same manner, he talks with you but he looks on his phone again n again and he doesn’t give you, proper attention then what awkward and disrespectful feeling you will have.

To avoid this problem, we should not use so many similar Communication / Messenger / Social Media Apps but we should use only a few, we should keep their notifications off, particularly while meeting with people so that we can give the required Attention & Respect to them that they require, expect and deserve.

Goals & Objectives

Many of the times, due to excessive use of the phone, we don’t give focus to our Goals & Objectives and we don’t spare our daily time, dedicatedly. This can badly affect our achievements over our Goals & Objectives.

To avoid this, we should not use our phones during our daily dedicated time over our Goals & Objectives.

Wastage of Time, Efforts and Energy

We always see each other, constantly busy in the different unnecessary discussions / chats / exchanging information / data, over the phone. This is totally wastage of our Time, Efforts and Energy that if we put to somewhere else on some positive things then it will be worthwhile for all of us. Consistent use of phone also stops us from other healthy / physical activities like Sports, Exercises etc.

To avoid this, take yourself away from those kinds of unnecessary forums / groups / activities over the phone.

Peace, Pleasure and Relaxation

Due to excessive use of the phone, our Peace, Pleasure and Relaxation have gone.

To avoid this, in addition to our sleeping time, if possible then we should keep our phone on vibration / silent for three hours daily and we should attend emergency Phone Calls / Texting only. Then, we should try to spend these three precious hours for us ourselves, our beloved ones, our family members, our friends, our colleagues etc. Believe it, I can guarantee that these three hours will provide us a priceless & worthwhile peace, pleasure and relaxation.


History and Lifestyle

Past, Present and Future make the life and these three cannot be forgotten. Specially, Past should always be remembered as a Lesson & Experience, to make the Present & Future, Better & Best. But according to me, Past should never be misused in any case.

‘Misuse’ is used here, in a very broader aspect. Hence, Past must not be misused in shape of Hate, Exploitation or any kind of incorrect purpose.

Many of the times, History / Past, provides a very clear picture; which was ‘Right’ and which was ‘Wrong’. But sometimes it happens when History / Past provides a very shaky view wherein it is difficult to judge the reality. Yes, it is possibility of any mistake in writing this history. But in any case, we should not use the Past, incorrectly.

What could be the ‘Misuse of Past’, let’s try to understand. Let’s assume that two great persons ‘X’ & ‘Y’ meet in the Past. But History gives the following different views of that meeting:

(a)          ‘X’ was correct and ‘Y’ was wrong.

(b)          ‘Y’ was correct and ‘X’ was wrong.

(c)           Both ‘X’ & ‘Y, were correct and there was no dispute among them.

If, we have to choose, one of the above views of History, to set our Present & Future then what will happen?

If, we adopt View (a) or (b), then it will be a misuse of the Past. Because, if we opt for view (a), then we will be supporters of ‘X’ and if we choose view (b), then we will be supporters of ‘Y’. Hence, society will be distributed among two segments. 1. Supporters of ‘X’ and 2. Supporters of ‘Y’. Further, both segments will continue supporting their favorite personalities and most probably they will disrespect the personality who is favorite of other segment. Thus, this misuse of Past will create different social diseases like Hate, Bigotry, Discrimination etc. and these diseases will be transferred from generations to generations. Now, if we want to analyze what was actual reality so we cannot because we were not present there at that time and we have to depend upon history. I think there is no extreme need to further inquire on the matter. For instance, if one of them ‘X’ or ‘Y’ was wrong then it will be their own matter and they will be accountable, to each other or to someone else. Why are we destroying our Present and Future for this shaky part of the History?

If we adopt View (c) then it will be a sensible and correct use of Past. Hence, society will NOT be distributed into different segments and everyone will respect both personalities ‘X’ and ‘Y’. Thus, this correct use of Past will create different healthy signs like Love, Unity and Fairness etc. and these signs will be transferred from generations to generations. Finally we will enjoy a Happy & Healthy Society. I sincerely hope that everyone will look into it.