Crack the ‘Software Cracking’

Everyone is fully responsible for his / her Goods & Bads and no other person is liable.

However, according to me, such circumstances & situations should be avoided that can force / encourage someone for doing some negative. In other words, such initiatives should be taken that can reduce / remove any illegal activities in the society.

Having same bright mission in my mind, I am going to disclose an amazing & unique idea that can convert millions of people from thieves to normal & legal consumers. How!!! Let’s imagine…

You are already aware that millions of software & apps are being cracked / used illegally at every second all over the world. In developed / rich countries, their rich citizens are easily paying the applicable license fee of apps and using legally. But in so many developing and under-developed countries, their citizens cannot afford to buy these apps at so much higher price. Hence they usually use inappropriate ways of cracking and using these apps.

According to my idea, if software companies offer some affordable / cheaper rates in these countries then illegal business of Software Cracking can be converted into a legal business. Yes, apparently, it seems impossible that a software company sells its software of $100 in $10 only but think, this software will be using by thousands of illegal users, in this way company earns nothing. Then, for instance, if this company sells its software, in $10 dollars in poor countries, then it could provide benefit in two ways.


Lost income that was on $0, will be started growing to a substantial amount.


Illegal users will be converted from illegal users to legal users.

In light of above, all concerned all over the world, please come with me to make this idea Practical and Useful; believe it, it can bring a revolution in the software industry that will finally grow the Global Economy.



Ever-changing Encryption

For the benefit of my whole sweet World, my perception always keeps me restless, it always encourages me to constantly think over something good & better for the Globe and I can never stop my pen to write new ideas / imaginations whether these are accepted or rejected. In the same vision, I am consistently trying to imagine an unbreakable encryption that can help the World and hacking losses could be reduced / ended.

Yes, according to me, it is a newest encryption method i.e. ‘Ever-changing Encryption’ wherein encrypted information will not be in a single state but it will be in an ever-changing position, constantly till the final destination. In other words, while travelling from source to destination, any encrypted data will not maintain its actual position but it will be ever-changing dynamically. Hence, it will be a more and more secured way of encryption and it will be very difficult / impossible for anyone to break.

All concerned are requested to please look into this thought that can bring a revolution into Cryptology and can give a great benefit to this World.

Never stop ‘positive imagination’, due to fear of being rejected…

Revolutionize the KYC & AML

Continued efforts, all over the world, are still under way to further strengthen the KYC and AML Processes.

In this mission, I would also like to participate by adding my small words that I think, could bring big revolution here. According to me, a Unique Global Identification at World Level can boost the process very much. In other words, a Unique Global Identification of an individual / organization can help to make the system, healthier. If a Unique Global Identification is designed and then applied on each & every record of the World then summarized information of all activities / transactions can easily be obtained for a specific individual / organization. This will also help to analyze / summarize the future activities / transactions, as well. Further, it will also provide useful information about ‘Know Your Customer’ and then ‘Anti Money Laundering’ etc. Hence, a very solid net of Global Identification will be created over the Globe wherein no one will be able to save himself from it and his every activity / transaction, anywhere in the World, will not be recorded without his Unique Global Identification because a strict world law will ensure it.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES / TRANSACTIONS for a specific individual / organization.

For further details, my following Idea / Article can assist you a lot:

“Global Identification”



Security Booster for Blockchain

All POSITIVE Objectives of ‘Blockchain’ are sincerely welcomed and best wishes for their higher achievements.

Continuous efforts, all over the world, are still under way, to make this technology, more secure & robust.

In this mission, I would also like to participate, by sharing my following suggestions to further boost its security. In other words, I have a unique concept that could work for it as a Security Booster; it is ‘Global Identification’.

Yes, a unique Global Identification can make the system more strong and can make its activities, more secure & reliable.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES particularly the Blockchain related activities.

For further details, my following article will be more helpful:

“Global Identification”



It is very good to share Positive Thoughts, Good Feelings, Great Ideas, Thoughtful Observation, Valued Experiences and any kind of useful & interesting information that can benefit others. A Shared Information can be very useful and interesting for some people but at a same time, same information cannot be so much helpful and attractive for some individuals. There is also a possibility that a Shared Information is much valuable & worthy for everyone, present in this World and for the new generations as well. Great inventions are the good examples of it, wherein inventors shared their valued information, observations and experiences that worked very well for the whole humanity. Hence, the Inventions are actually the Observations that are shared and succeeded. Whether an invention is superior or inferior, it provides advantage and it also takes human to a forward step towards Advancement, Progress and Prosperity. Thus, the stoppage of Sharing Good Information, Observations and Experiences will be stoppage of Advancement, Progress and Prosperity.

Have you ever observed, what can be seen everywhere? Which shape is very common far and wide? Which alphabets are written all over the World? Please try to watch carefully, without considering it any Fiction, Fantasy or Faith.

Yes, the letters U, U and I together as UUI can be seen everywhere. Four Fingers of Hand, People in a Queue, Series of Trees, Trees Branches, Arial Views, Bricks, Vertical Tiles, Cupboards, Windows, Doors, Books, Shelves, Blinds, Vertical Textures, Exteriors, Interiors, Stairs Railings and a lot more; UUI can be seen everywhere.

Wherever you will imagine UUI, you will see the UUI everywhere.