Unity is the Best Weapon against Crime & Terrorism

Everyone should think about Global Peace and should add some efforts for a Peaceful & Happy World.

Having the same thought, I have an Excellent Idea that is very Unique as per my knowledge n belief. In addition to prevailing Security Systems, this Idea can also be adopted to further strengthen the Safety & Security:


A Security Alarm System is basically consists of two Parts i.e. 1.Activation & 2.Warning. We all know that Activation can be of different types and similarly Warning can also be of different types. It is not easy to install Security Alarm System everywhere, particularly in Developing and Under-Developed Countries but a Device can be used both for Activation and Warning. This device is much closed to everyone. It is your Cell-Phone that can be used as a complete Security Alarm System but how?

How It Can Be Worked?

In case of emergency, threat, fear, suspect, crime or terrorism, it is not possible to Text or Call someone to get help but IT IS POSSIBLE to press One Key, One Click or One Gesture / Movement of your Cell Phone that can activate an Alarm / Warning in shape of so many Text Messages, so many Calls, so many Map Indications or so many other indications through different connecting software’s, to all Cell Phones near to the defined Area, particularly the nearest Rescue Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies / Police Stations etc. These indications will alert ALL Recipients that, you are in trouble or could be in trouble and they will input their best possible efforts for you to get you out from that bad situation.

This idea could be refined and polished further, with the help of Precious Feedback of all my respectful readers. Further, I sincerely hope that all concerned, particularly the Cell Phone Manufacturers, Cell Phone Connection Providers, Map Facility Providers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Rescue Agencies, Software Manufacturers and General Public will look into this idea and will sit together to make this Idea into such Reality that will collide with Crime & Terrorism.



Allowed Crimes

Have you ever thought that there are crimes that are still not considered as crimes in any society / law and these are being committed since inception of this World. No one / no law is stopping them and these are affecting lives but even taking lives. Yes…  these crimes are very close to killing someone and sometimes many people at a time. These are crimes where killers don’t take lives actually but they leave lives as deaths but how? Let’s discuss in brief.

There are so many live examples of these crimes but one close example I have witnessed myself. Believe it, whenever I think over it, I like to cry but I cannot do anything except praying. Yes, in this crime, two killers (husband & wife) took the lives of their two children under age of around 5 years. Over a dispute they separated after divorce, done second marriages, started new lives with their new life partners, forgot their children and left them forever. What happened to their two children? They are trying to live & breathe with their old aged / weak grandfather & grandmother, believe it their parents have killed both children but more than that. Please try to hear the sweet voices of both children “Where our mamma papa have gone… Why they have left us alone… What mistake we did… Will they come back… What will be our future.. Mamma Papa! we miss you a lot,, please please come back…”. This is one scenario; you may find more similar instances wherein children are badly affected.

Don’t you think, it is a crime, yes according to me it is a crime more than that of a murder because in murder, a life becomes death but in this case life becomes deadly life that is bitterer like slow poison. Yes, I know that different thoughts & laws allow this to do in the maximum possible bad situations but I firmly belief that each & every thoughts & laws promote the Humanity, Kindness, Sympathy and Mercy and they don’t want to spoil the humanity. Disputes or differences are part of life that should be tackled very humbly, calmly and flexibly particularly between the life partners because it is a matter of life & lives.

Some laws are enforced for compensation / financial assistance for children but think realistically, will any money can be a replacement of a cool shadow of parents for the whole life, no, never. Many times, these deprived and broken children don’t grow-up accordingly and sometimes these are converted into bad boys of society that leads to bad generation and a lot more. Analyze, how these crimes are having infinite and chain effects.

Believe it ‘Children Are Responsibility’; we have to fulfill it at any cost globally, we have to prevent / mitigate these instances so that this innocent & cute community could be saved from any single distress. Please team-up with me voluntarily for this great cause so that this voice could be stronger and stronger that can amend the existing laws to further protect the rights of Children.


Saving Account OR Destroying Account

Saving Account OR Destroying Account

Some days back, I heard an interesting conversation of two friends A and B of a country ABC that I would like to share with you as follows. Sometimes, some stuff is useful, partly or fully that we throw it, considering it, as useless. Similarly, this conversation, of these two persons, who don’t seem to be experts, in Finance field but most probably we can get some good thing (s) (if available) from this conversation. According to me, it is unfair to underestimate anyone’s imagination, just because of lesser Education / Experience / Expertise. Following two most popular quotes of Albert Einstein’s will definitely support me:

IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas, imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.


Logic will get you from A to B. IMAGINATION will take you everywhere.

The Conversation

Friend A

Dear! I am noticing that years back, I used to receive more than 10% to 12% p.a. on my investment, maintained at a bank. But this percentage is going down year by year and now it has been reduced to 3% to 5% p.a. This declining trend is very alarming for me and it seems that after some years, I will receive 0% p.a. Do you have any idea about it? Perhaps I don’t have any concrete knowledge…….

Friend B

Buddy! Yes, it is true and it is not only happening in your country but it is being occurred all over the world due to unstable economic conditions and sometimes it is due to adoption of different techniques to encourage or discourage investments. Further, your distressed feelings are also right that this percentage can not only go to 0% but it can also go into negative. Means, it is possible that you will have to pay to your bank on your investment instead of receiving. It has also taken place in some places. Actually, banks invest your money as per different prevailing Banking Rules & Regulations of their homeland’s central banks. Then upon these investments, they pay you as per the Rate of Return, set by their Central Banks……………………..

Friend A

Thanks for your good explanation / guidance for me but why these banks or central banks don’t promote such investment methods that are having different good characteristics of different Banking Systems. So that higher return could be obtained. Why banks lend money on limited Fixed Ratios / Markup Rates, Banks have to lend money on agreed substantial Profit Sharing Ratios as a Working Partner and Bank or their outsourced resources should fully involve into their Borrower’s Businesses / Projects so that more Productivity, more Transparency and more Profitability could be achieved. This way, depositors’ money will be more secured and will be having a good growth in shape of higher returns. This will also encourage depositors for further investments. Moreover, employment opportunities will also be created with good expansion of different businesses. Finally, the Economy will be Stronger and Stronger.

The World actually needs a Stronger Economy that can create Peace, Progress and Prosperity all over the World. Forgetting about region or religion relations of any economy, we should adopt best, more profitable and fair techniques of any type of economy and we should not focus or debate in the names of different economies i.e. A Economy, B Economy or C Economy as WORLD NEEDS STRONGER ECONOMY ONLY…………… 

Love, live but don’t LEAVE…

YOU, how much you love yourself, you live with yourself and you never want to leave yourself. In the same way, it is not a demand but even a ‘law of love’ that if you love something / someone, then you should always live with it and should never leave it, in any case. Thus why we don’t want to live with and we leave them with whom we love; perhaps we don’t love them truly because any deficiency should not be the reason to leave.

Yes, I am talking about husbands who leave their wives with or without any reason (s). I am more particular about those stone-hearted husbands who leave their wives just because of a disease ‘Obstetric Fistula’.  Yap, it is a chronic but curable obstetric / gynecological / reproductive disease of women. According to a survey, each year, around 150,000 women worldwide are affected by this disorder. It is directly linked to one of the major causes of maternal mortality. Around 3 Million women are still untreated in Asia & Africa. Women who are having ‘Obstetric Fistula’ suffer constant incontinence, shame, social segregation and health problems etc. Many affected women have lost their babies during birth and still desirous to have children again. So many suffered woman cannot perform domestic tasks and even they are not allowed to cook food because they are considered dirty, unclean and having very unpleasant odor. Many of them had to relocate to the homes of their parents and relatives. Due to their disability to attend their marital obligations their lives are full of isolation, humiliation and rejection by the community. Around 50% have been divorced, separated, asked to go back to their parents or abandoned by their husbands.

Believe it, it is accepted worldwide that it is a remediable illness and so many women have been cured successfully and resumed to their normal lives. Salute to their loyal husbands who did not leave their wives helplessly, fought with this illness with their wives and succeeded finally. God always save the humanity / world from Diseases and Disasters. However, if these are occurred then we the whole humanity should combat with them as ‘one community’. Thus, on the eve of “International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 23 May”, we should be united to do something according to our capabilities and we should add our efforts to contribute towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-3) which is ensuring healthy lives particularly maternal health. We should always be remembered that healthy society is only possible with healthy mothers.


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‘Manner of Speak’ can increase Pleasure, Peace & Power of Brain

‘Manner of Speak’ can increase Pleasure, Peace & Power of Brain

Pleasant, Peaceful and Powerful Communication build Good Relationships and these relationships lead to Pleasant, Peaceful and Powerful Life. Hence, without a Beautiful Communications, life is colorless. If you want to keep your Life Canvas, always Colorful & Vibrant so use Communication Brushes of most popular but less-available brands i.e. Love, Respect, Truth and Tolerance.

‘Manner of Speak’ is communication equipment that converts good thoughts into good expressions. According to some quotes, observations and experiences, if this tool is used tactfully so it can bring some amazing & positive changes i.e. Pleasure, Peace and Power into your Brain. Thus, it can increase the performance of Brain amazingly. Adoption of following techniques can be difficult but not impossible. As soon as these will be implemented, whether fully or partially; these will definitely bring very positive changes in your life:

1. Don’t Speak

Don’t speak until it is necessary to talk otherwise ‘BE QUITE’. In this way mind will remain relaxed and will not involve in unnecessary working in shape of useless discussions and its effects. Many times, futile discussions ruin your good relationships. This will also help your mind to think over some other good ideas. ‘BE QUITE’ doesn’t means to behave like dull but you should always be excited with glowing smile, through exchanging good ideas, useful information and quality n real jokes etc. Further, the greatest thing is to listen to people grievances and try to device some solutions.

2. Speak Less

Always speak less & concise so that your opinions could easily be transmitted to your targeted listeners. This will also help to minimize the needless working of your mind.

3. Speak Very Carefully

In normal or good circumstances, it is very easy to respond positively but sometimes in abnormal situations, bad feelings in shape of anger, grief or shock are natural. These conditions are actually examinations of your Power, Tolerance and Good Manners that how you control yourself, minimize your bad feelings and respond in an appropriate way. If you are succeeded so it will also save your mind from unnecessary working in shape of bad feelings along with continuous effects.

4. Be Careful, When You Are Not Speaking

When you are silent, movement of good or bad thoughts in your mind are very usual. Good thoughts are good ones that take you to a great idea / positive destination but bad thoughts are always spoiled your brain unnecessarily. So, to defend yourself, always try to reject them or convert them into some realistic and positive thoughts and don’t let them to stay in your brain.



More Papers, More Schools; LESS EDUCATION

In the earlier times, Education was a Passion but today it is a Profession only. Passion and Profession can live together and they strengthen each other but when preference & priority are given to Profession only then Passion can leave forever. Only Professionalism cannot give what Passion can give, particularly in Education. Because Education is not only a Profession but it is a Responsibility that has to be fulfilled accordingly to drive society / generations otherwise consequences in future, can be imagined easily. Before going to future, bad outcomes are apparent in the present as well wherein we can see More Papers, More Schools BUT LESS EDUCATION. Yes, emphasis is being given to grow this business with quantity not quality. In other words you are seeing more and more schools but less and lesser education.

Many times, my father used to tell me an amazing real Passion Story about his great teacher when there was shortage of teachers & resources and that single teacher was used to take different periods of different subjects himself, single handedly, one by one. More amazing thing is that he used to change different costumes for different subjects just to give a related look according to different subjects. For example, for the period of English, he used to wear Pent Coat, for the period of Local Language; he used to wear purely Local / National Dress and so on. At that time with insufficient resources and facilities, you can better judge the level Passion of that impressive and amazing teacher.

Excellent and example Education Systems are there in many parts of the Globe but these are rare. The devastating education systems can be seen everywhere, particularly in under-developed / developing countries. Don’t stop me to mention that Worldwide Terrorism is a by-product of illiteracy and substandard education systems of different parts of the world. You will definitely think about your country that we are great and our country is great wherein literacy rate is very high and we have not produced these bad people of society. Yes, it could be true that each & every citizen of your country is your proud but see! World is no more a Global Village but a Global Home now, wherein different Countries reside in shape of different rooms. It is true that your room is best but other rooms are not. Hence, any deficiency of any room can also affect your room and the whole environment of home, as well. So, it is extreme need to think globally for this drowning field of Education. For this, a glimpse of my small suggestion is given below:

Single Education System – A Single Education System should be there so that same standard of education could be provided in every country, worldwide. Neither rich nor poor could have separate education systems. A system that doesn’t have any discrimination on the basis of Race, Religion, Region etc. and this system could also have respect of Social, Religious, Moral and Cultural values of every region.  A system that teaches and promotes Humanity among Humans and finally it could make every human, a single Humanity, Community and Family.

I sincerely hope that the above small words will click the minds that have sympathy for this World & Humanity and that minds will join my mind for this holy mission ‘To educate the World in a more better & standard way…’

Transparent Helmets Can Reduce Two-Wheeler Accidents…..

Being a Responsible Citizen, it should be everyone’s responsibility to strictly follow the prevailing Traffic Rules. These rules are designed for the Discipline and Safety of everyone, including YOU.

The Two-Wheelers (Cycles and Motorbikes) are more Economic and Popular modes of Transports of every segment of society, whether it is Developed OR Under-Developed Country. But the Two-Wheelers are more risky as well and thousands of accidents are occurred daily, in different countries, all over the world. So Traffic Rules particularly the ‘Use of Helmet’ should be followed more closely for the Two-Wheelers to reduce / avoid accidents.

One thing that is being noticed for quite some time that bikers feel some inconvenience having Helmets and they naturally move their heads to see their sides or back, while riding, even after having the back mirrors. This happens because Helmets are usually non-transparent, particularly the portion, from Eye to Ear on both sides. If these two parts are made of any transparent stuff so bikers would be able to see from the corner of their eyes instead of moving their heads to see their sides or back.

If the above observation and suggestion are feasible so Helmet Manufacturers along with all associated ones are requested to please look into this idea, convert it into a reality and save Human Lives all over the world.


TRANSPARENCY – a ladder to Success

If anything solid is placed between YOU and SUCCESS, you will not be able to see the Success. Now if anything transparent is placed between YOU and SUCCESS, you will definitely see the success. If you will see it then you will focus it and then finally you will achieve it.

Yes, this is my perception about transparency that if exists in your life then it is a definite key / ladder to success. Success doesn’t mean here only a lot of money but real success is sufficiency of everything like love, respect, peace, progress, prosperity, happiness, health and wealth etc. 

Transparency is not a single characteristic but it appears in shape of group of several good qualities like Clarity, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Openness, Honesty, Consistency and a lot more. Imagine if it is appeared in a personality then how much power it can provide to that individual and how much success can be achieved by him / her. Transparency / Openness doesn’t mean here that someone starts sharing each & everything of his personality, to the world but Transparency should positively be reflected in personality, behavior, actions, relationships, lifestyle and everything in life. In short, a personality should be like a transparent glass so that anyone can see through it and personality should be like an open book so that everyone can read it and take benefit from it easily. Transparency also removes the conflict between saying & doing and keeps someone very crystal clear in all his actions.


Follow 7 Childish Habits for Happiest Life


  1. They try to use more than that of their abilities to achieve targets AND they achieve.


  1. They cry for different things AND they get.


  1. They play with clay, mix their arrogance with the clay AND they enjoy smiling life.


  1. They quarrel with each other and they meet again soon, without any negatives in their minds AND they possess only friends without a single enemy.


  1. They form houses in clay and they abolish themselves, knowing that these houses are temporary AND they have peaceful life.


  1. They eat what they want OR what is served to them but they are not greedy to save a lot AND they avoid painful life.


  1. They usually follow the guidelines, innocently AND they find the destination, easily.


Learn Healthy to Live Happy…………….


According to an amazing & sweet perception, One WANT is always equal to so many NEEDS. In other words, so many NEEDS when gathered, they create One WANT. How? Let’s look into this very interesting discussion that can bring a revolution in your life style.

For example, you are having a lot of wrist watches but you WANT a brand new & costly wrist watch that you can buy in 100 bucks. On the other hand, 10 less-privileged, poor & needy people who don’t have watches on their writs, to check the time, they cannot even buy watches for themselves and they NEED watches. They need simple wrist watches that can be bought in 10 bucks each.

Now, you have two choices, One: fulfill your WANT, go for your new watch and ignore NEED of these poor people. Two: ignore your WANT and fulfill NEED of those needy people. Choice Two, is actually based on the above perception ‘One WANT=Many NEEDS’. Now, adopting this principle, analyze that you can live with your old watches but they have now watches to help themselves in their daily routine. Your sacrifice has provided them great benefit.  

The above idea doesn’t teach us to always forget YOU because, you have the right on you as well that should never be neglected. However, you can reduce your WANTS so that these can be distributed into needy & poor humanity, in shape of fulfilling their NEEDS. In this way your WANTS will always benefit the humanity, after converting into NEEDS.