BOTH Kitchens should be Clean & Clear…

Yup, in fact, we have two kitchens at our home, not one. The one is physical kitchen wherein we cook food; it could be considered Secondary Kitchen. There is also a Primary Kitchen that is not physical but its virtual. Though Primary Kitchen doesn’t have tangible existence but it has more importance than the Secondary Kitchen. I am pretty much sure that we are going to know about this Primary Kitchen first time in our life but believe it, it has a lot of significance for our life. It is true to keep the Secondary Kitchen, clear & clean, is a key to good health but to keep the Primary Kitchen, clear & clean, is a key to both good Health, Life and Generations as well.

Now let’s try to understand this imaginary kitchen, named ‘Primary Kitchen’. The way we earn money / sustenance OR in other words, the source of our earning / sustenance, is actually our  ‘Primary Kitchen’ that should always be kept clean & clear. Means, we should always analyze our source of earnings and should always keep it Positive, Legal, Justifiable, Clean and Clear etc. Believe, it, it is directly related to our Health, Life and Generations. Yes, what we feed our family, our children; we are actually performing like a farmer who is sowing seeds; good seeds will definitely cultivate the good crops. 

Hence, it should be our uppermost responsibility to always keep our both kitchens, Clean & Clear…


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