Connected Shops

In the Global Economy, Market Share of Supermarkets is increasing day by day. It is good sign because it is increasing Employment Opportunities along with ease for Consumers with respect to Availability, Quality and Reasonable Prices etc.

But on the other hand, Small Shops / Local Business / Retailers are being badly affected in terms of their Sales, Profit and Market Share in the Global Economy. God forbid, soon they will be in a very difficult position and will not be able to survive. In other words, one segment of economy i.e. Supermarkets will be on Highest and other segment of economy i.e. Small Shops will be on Lowest or will be disappeared.

According to me, it is not a good sign of a Stable and Good Economy wherein one sector is succeeded after killing another segment. Any new emerging sector should make its position in the economy, separately without destroying other sectors.

Anyway, we all concerned particularly economists should play the role to revive this dying sector. According to my limited perception, I have devised a solution in shape of ‘Connected Shops’ that should work as follows:

– Many shops, adjacent to each other, should form a business alliance as a Connected Shops / Small Supermarket. For example shops of cosmetics, vegetables, fruits and hardware etc. if adjacent to each other, can make a Connected Shop.

– They should not build a partnership but a Joint Selling Point only wherein they can sell jointly but can earn profit separately as they were making previously.

– They can also make a joint name for their Connected Shops for the ease of customers and marketing perspective.

Believe it, this could be a useful solution to revitalize small shops. These Connected Shops will attract consumers more & more because they will buy their necessary items through these Connected Shops very easily instead of going Supermarkets. This new strategy will not destroy the business of Supermarkets but people will be having both choices whether to go to Connected Shops or Supermarkets. It will depend upon choice, urgency and need of the clients. Hence, both sectors will enjoy good growth separately and no sector will be destroyed or lose its share from the market / economy.



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