Salary Increment could be a slow poison, if…

For the whole World, I always sincerely wish series & series of successes for every Employer and Employee in their all positive missions, objectives and business. Because growth & success of an organization is actually the success of its employees that they receive, in shape of financial benefits particularly, in shape of periodical increments etc.

BUT according to me, if an employee receives periodical increments again & again, he doesn’t progress in his Skills, he doesn’t keep him up-to-date in his respective field according to the prevailing advanced techniques & trends then what will happen, he will become heavier & heavier with respect to salary BUT with regard to Skills, he will become lighter & lighter. Further, a day will come soon when he will be Heavy Weight in terms of Salary but he will be Weightless relating to Skills. Hence, he will be having no adaptability to switch to another organization and he will not be able to survive in the market.

In light of above, if any one wants to continue his career as Employee, then I friendly advise him to please keep you updated and keep growing your abilities as per the emerging techniques & trends so that it can not only benefit YOU but your ORGANIZATION as well. Moreover, if you want GREATER SUCCESS then please read my following article:

Find Freedom from Faded Fences GROWING…


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