Miss Management

Hi Madam, how are you. We see you everywhere in this world. Those places are very lucky wherein you don’t exist. What I have learned about you, please allow me to mention here, if you don’t mind.

Usually Everyone, Every time, blames on Situations, Society, System, Management and Governance etc. but we never think that YOU (MISMANAGEMENT) are actually born within ourselves first then you spread further. Means, if we mismanage our time, efforts, energy etc. then we are actually the first responsible for creation of you. Yes, it is true that loopholes in Laws, Policies, Procedures and Norms etc. are also responsible for you but you are first created from us when we start mismanaging things and ourselves. We one by one, at our individual capacity do it and then the whole society suffers with you and then finally we make responsible other factors instead of judging our own incorrect role.

We all know so many consequences of Mismanagement. It is not only affects life but it can also take life. Let me quote you a real example. Once I visited a bank of a country and requested the teller to please provide me bigger denomination as I had to carry this cash to a farther location, so please do me this favor and reduce the risk of both this money & my life. But due to the mismanagement he provided me smaller denomination notes, hence quantity of notes increased and I had to carry the same with so much difficulty and with the risk of my life as well. Amazingly, it also happened again second time when I visited them; this is how Mismanagement can take life.

The above example was related to earth, now please come to skies. We have witnessed many times, the loss of numerous lives in plane crashes. If any abrupt fault occurs in the air then it is another matter but is it not due to Mismanagement of the relevant individuals who are responsible to perform their duties particularly before any flight? Have any responsible ever sentenced to imprisonment or death due to his / her negligence and mismanagement?

Anyway, let’s forget the bitterness of past and go-ahead for a sweetest future. So how to reduce / remove Mismanagement, let’s try to think together. According to my perception, instead of blaming other factors we should try to remove it from our self, first. We should take the undertaking from our self NOW that from now onwards we will try at our level best to minimize / remove any mismanagement from us and we will try to properly utilize different resources like time, efforts, energy etc. to be able to make our self, most useful member of a society.

 Goodbye Miss Management!!!


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