Ever-changing Encryption

For the benefit of my whole sweet World, my perception always keeps me restless, it always encourages me to constantly think over something good & better for the Globe and I can never stop my pen to write new ideas / imaginations whether these are accepted or rejected. In the same vision, I am consistently trying to imagine an unbreakable encryption that can help the World and hacking losses could be reduced / ended.

Yes, according to me, it is a newest encryption method i.e. ‘Ever-changing Encryption’ wherein encrypted information will not be in a single state but it will be in an ever-changing position, constantly till the final destination. In other words, while travelling from source to destination, any encrypted data will not maintain its actual position but it will be ever-changing dynamically. Hence, it will be a more and more secured way of encryption and it will be very difficult / impossible for anyone to break.

All concerned are requested to please look into this thought that can bring a revolution into Cryptology and can give a great benefit to this World.

Never stop ‘positive imagination’, due to fear of being rejected…


Right Sir Thanks

‘Good Manners’ are actually a road map to success and this is the tool that can help you, to govern on the hearts of others. Conflicts, Disagreements and Disputes are natural but to handle & settle them peacefully, tactfully and accordingly, is an Art that teaches us as how to use good tone, pleasant gesture and sweet words along with a Smiling Smile.

It is a good habit to see, expose and encourage good habits of people instead of waiting their faults, to start a conflict; this will also help to reduce day-to-day unnecessary disputes from the World and to make it Heaven. In case, a counseling or advice is must, so ‘One to One Kind & Cool Communication’ with that person, is the only useful tool instead of an ‘Open Discussion’ that can hurt him / her.

Cool & Calm efforts should always add to minimize and conclude any discussion, conflict or argument but its unnecessary exaggeration should be avoided. Such tone, gestures and words should be used that can end it comfortably.

‘Right Sir Thanks’ or ‘Right Madam Thanks’ are very respectful and useful phrases, both in written or verbal communications to minimize and to end any argument. These words can save you, from so many difficulties in shape of unnecessary lengthy conflicts / disputes / arguments and etc. BUT their use should always be transparent in a manner that you should not keep any negative in your mind but always respect others and you should use these sentences for a compromising and concluding situations.

According to me, my above words will be useful for you. If not and you want to argue with me unnecessarily so I will say you “RIGHT SIR THANKS”


Revolutionize the KYC & AML

Continued efforts, all over the world, are still under way to further strengthen the KYC and AML Processes.

In this mission, I would also like to participate by adding my small words that I think, could bring big revolution here. According to me, a Unique Global Identification at World Level can boost the process very much. In other words, a Unique Global Identification of an individual / organization can help to make the system, healthier. If a Unique Global Identification is designed and then applied on each & every record of the World then summarized information of all activities / transactions can easily be obtained for a specific individual / organization. This will also help to analyze / summarize the future activities / transactions, as well. Further, it will also provide useful information about ‘Know Your Customer’ and then ‘Anti Money Laundering’ etc. Hence, a very solid net of Global Identification will be created over the Globe wherein no one will be able to save himself from it and his every activity / transaction, anywhere in the World, will not be recorded without his Unique Global Identification because a strict world law will ensure it.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES / TRANSACTIONS for a specific individual / organization.

For further details, my following Idea / Article can assist you a lot:

“Global Identification”