Security Booster for Blockchain

All POSITIVE Objectives of ‘Blockchain’ are sincerely welcomed and best wishes for their higher achievements.

Continuous efforts, all over the world, are still under way, to make this technology, more secure & robust.

In this mission, I would also like to participate, by sharing my following suggestions to further boost its security. In other words, I have a unique concept that could work for it as a Security Booster; it is ‘Global Identification’.

Yes, a unique Global Identification can make the system more strong and can make its activities, more secure & reliable.

‘Global Identification’ can be considered as Globalization of Identity. Means, in addition to National Identification, a Global Identification should also be there that can be Identified / Recognized / Verified / Validated / Recorded / Agreed, across the National Borders and all over the World, in EACH & EVERY ACTIVITIES particularly the Blockchain related activities.

For further details, my following article will be more helpful:

“Global Identification”



ARTIFICIAL Intelligence & REAL Unemployment

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is warmly welcomed and lots of best wishes for its soaring successes.

Optimistic thoughts always welcome any New Change / Technology but side-effects should never be ignored.  As per my perspective, Unemployment could be a biggest challenge of Artificial Intelligence but instead of discouraging this new technology, proper planning should be made to mitigate the expected Unemployment risks.

In this mission, I would like to participate, by sharing my following suggestions for human workforces in the battle with machine workforces:

‘Learn Other Skills’ and ‘Try to Move from Employment to Entrepreneurship’

Yes, learn any new skill and try to reach on its expert level. Alternatively, learn new multiple skills and try to get their intermediate levels because to get expert levels on all skills, is not impossible but could be difficult.

After acquiring new skill (s), try to move from Employment to Entrepreneurship, gradually / accordingly / tactfully.

My following two articles will be really helpful for you, in this regard.

Find Freedom from Faded Fences

Eat Unemployment Model – EUM


Correct Communication Concept

Effective Communication, Powerful Communication, 7Cs of Communication and a lot more, have always been emphasized to bring improvement into positive Communication Skills.

Now let’s talk about a different concept that according to me, a newest one.

If we follow this concept, so the desired communication results can easily be achieved because this concept is based on the result-oriented technique.

While communicating, adopt these golden rules of this new concept and then enjoy the greatest results.

1.       Consider yourself as a Recipient not a Sender: Always try to feel that you are on the other side. In other words, consider yourself as a ‘Recipient’ not the ‘Sender’. In this way, your tone, your words, your gestures will automatically be aligned that will be more acceptable for the recipient.

2.       Don’t emphasize on Communication Skills: Never try to emphasize on communication skills but always try to use the problem-solving skills that can help to achieve the desired results. In other words, if any communication standard creates hurdle so leave it and focus on the results, because appreciation over your communication skills is not required here but the results.

3.       Be compromising: Always be compromising. In other words, accept the apparent defeat with respect to the any communication thread. Analyze peacefully, if you have achieved the required objectives then you are an Achiever not the Loser.

 Anything, even the whole World can be achieved through ‘Correct Communication’