Air Quality

‘Air-pollution’ is not only one of the major global consistent crises but also a silent Earth Killer. Destruction of Ozone Layer, Increasing road accidents due to smog, Rising different diseases among animals & humans,  Bad Changes on Global Climate, Crop & Forests Damages, Premature deaths including children and a lot more; these are the attacking ways of this Killer and Smokestacks / Chimneys or any other smoke emitting objects are its Guns that are consistently firing harmful / poisonous gases.

So many Anti Air-pollution research & developments are being made globally that are appreciated.

Just to add my efforts into this mission, I have an amazing Anti Air-pollution Approach that according to me, if adopted so it can reduce Air-pollution all over the world, significantly.

Presently, a variety of Anti Air-pollution Masks are being used globally to cover human faces for the protection from damaging gases. Human faces are Targets that are protected with masks but I think we have forgotten to protect the Origins…

According to this technique, Anti Air-pollution Masks or related material should also be applied on Smokestacks / Chimneys and all other smoke emitting objects to considerably reduce the emission of destructive fumes.

Thinking Healthy to Live Healthy…

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Idea By: Muhammad Asim – Global Progress Volunteer



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