Lucrative Lecture

Every lecture cannot be lucrative but both Teacher and Student can make it, ‘Lucrative’. Neither, Teacher is fully responsible nor entire accountability goes to Student. The ‘LUCRATIVE Lecture Technique’ that is based on 9 letters of word ‘lucrative’, can help both Teacher and Student. But how, let’s see:

L – Love with your Duties & Responsibilities, as a Teacher or as a Student, is Compulsory.

U – Ultimate compliance of prevailing Rules & Regulations by both Teacher and Student is necessary for Disciplined Educational Environment.

C – Communication C’s i.e. Clarity, Conciseness, Concreteness, Correctness, Coherence, Completeness and Courteousness should be maintained by both Teacher and Student.

R – ‘Review’ before the next lecture is essential for Student. Similarly ‘Rehearsal’, before the next lecture is essential for Teacher. Both actions that start with letter ‘R’ for an Hour can accelerate any lecture towards success.

A – Attentiveness from Teacher or Student is crucial during lecture. Questions by students, during lecture, break the rhythm of lecturer. So, questions n answers session should be held at the end of lecture. However to maintain the attention of students, teacher can ask any question to any student.

T – Tolerant response from Teacher is must, over good or bad attitude of student. Similarly, same Tolerant feedback from Student is must, over good or bad delivery of lecture by the Teacher. However, whenever it is required, Student Feedback over Teacher or Teacher Feedback over Student could be provided truly, honestly and secretly with great respect. Remember! Feedbacks are required for Process Improvement not the Humiliation to anyone, whether Teacher or Student.

I – Innovativeness is life of any process, it should be an on-going process and it should be continuously injected into this area as well. An innovative thing is, each and every student on his / her turn, should provide a 20-Minutes Brief Overview of last lecture as a Revision, to all students, before starting of a new lecture. In this short session, Teacher should sit together with students as a student and can raise any question regarding the lesson as a student.  Another innovative idea is, Audio and Video Recording should be done and these recordings should be easily available so that any student or teacher can refer any previous lecture, for any objective, particularly removal of any misunderstanding / misconception / confusion etc. These recordings will be very beneficial for Quality Assurance Section of educational institution, as well. Furthermore, these recording will be more than a treasure or prize money, for students who missed the lecture.

V – Very important factor is Respect of Teacher by Student and Respect of Student by Teacher. Without Respect, good relationships can’t be formed / maintained and without good relationship between Teacher and Student, process of Teaching & Learning cannot be completed / succeeded.

E – Each & Everything that can make a lecture, LUCRATIVE, should be adopted by both Teacher & Student.


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Idea By: Muhammad Asim – Global Progress Volunteer



It is very good to share Positive Thoughts, Good Feelings, Great Ideas, Thoughtful Observation, Valued Experiences and any kind of useful & interesting information that can benefit others. A Shared Information can be very useful and interesting for some people but at a same time, same information cannot be so much helpful and attractive for some individuals. There is also a possibility that a Shared Information is much valuable & worthy for everyone, present in this World and for the new generations as well. Great inventions are the good examples of it, wherein inventors shared their valued information, observations and experiences that worked very well for the whole humanity. Hence, the Inventions are actually the Observations that are shared and succeeded. Whether an invention is superior or inferior, it provides advantage and it also takes human to a forward step towards Advancement, Progress and Prosperity. Thus, the stoppage of Sharing Good Information, Observations and Experiences will be stoppage of Advancement, Progress and Prosperity.

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Yes, the letters U, U and I together as UUI can be seen everywhere. Four Fingers of Hand, People in a Queue, Series of Trees, Trees Branches, Arial Views, Bricks, Vertical Tiles, Cupboards, Windows, Doors, Books, Shelves, Blinds, Vertical Textures, Exteriors, Interiors, Stairs Railings and a lot more; UUI can be seen everywhere.

Wherever you will imagine UUI, you will see the UUI everywhere.