OEEO Technique can save more than 100,000,000 Hours, Costs and Efforts DAILY

Every human faces different General Issues, daily. To solve these issues, some resources i.e. Knowledge, Experience, Energy, Time, Cost or Efforts are required. Millions of similar issues are raised daily in the World but to resolve these issues, resources are being consumed repeatedly. These issues are very unique and so many people have already utilized their resources to resolve them but these issues along with their solutions are not shared. This is the reason that other people in other parts of the globe, having same issues, are putting same resources again and again to resolve them. Hence a lot of Time, Cost and Efforts are being wasted in the World daily and these resources can be utilized in some other tasks. To resolve this significant issue, I have thought, analyzed and formed a technique. It is OEEO Technique.

What is OEEO Technique?

OEEO Technique stands for One Effort & Endless Outputs. Means, one single effort is sufficient to resolve several same issues and there is no need to consume / waste resources again and again to resolve unique issues.


For example, if you have faced an issue, you have gathered your different resources i.e. Time, Cost and Efforts, for the Analysis and Resolution of the issue and finally you succeeded to resolve it so you should share this experience, with others, immediately. So that, in future, if a similar issue is faced by someone else so there will be no need for that person to add that same efforts, again to resolve the issue. That individual will refer your experience and will resolve the issue very easily by utilizing very minimal resources. Hence the saved Time, Cost & Efforts of that person will be utilized for some other task. Now think over the same theme globally. If this Technique is adopted so it can save more than 100,000,000 Hours, Costs and Efforts all over the World, DAILY.

At which forum, this Technique can be followed?

The main thing of this technique is to share the Resolution Experience of an issue. But where? I always appreciate the positive usage of Social Media and as per current technology, through different search engines on Internet, you usually find yourself, any required question along with its resolution, in shape of Written Material or Video etc., but an Authenticated and a Single Platform is required very much that can follow the OEEO Technique and help the Humanity by playing its role as a ‘Real & Helpful Social Media’. The preferred name of that platform could be ‘SolutionBook’ that will be an amazing Global Support Platform.

I request all the concerned, having same zeal and sympathy towards Humans to please come with me and share your valued ideas towards this Idea, to make is more Polished, Successful and Helpful to Humanity.


(Note: You can further promote / share / publish this idea, with my name, at any media / forum, for more Global Progress, Peace & Prosperity……)