Humanity Harmonization Hypothesis (HHH)

Since the inception of the World, each and every object, particularly the Humanity have been segregated into different categories on the basis of numerous Regions, Races, Religions, Beliefs, Colors, Genders, Casts, Classes, Languages and a lot more. This classification is very vital and should not be avoided in any case, as Nations are recognized & differentiated among different Nations. But with the passage of time, the ‘Segregation’ that was necessary for Recognition & Differentiation has now become the ‘Separation’. Difference of Opinions, Thoughts, Beliefs and Strategies are natural, every first person should respect every second person and these things should not be used for any opposition.


I request ALL, ‘Please live in this small world, friendly to covert this Planet into Paradise’. But perhaps this little but lovely request will be buried in the loud voices of Hate. But I am very hopeful that someone will help me to unite the humanity.


Now I feel that help has arrived that is about to convert into words. Actually I have very unique concept and I want to help the world / humanity through this theory.


Human Harmonization Hypothesis (HHH): According to this HHH Theory, to harmonize the Humanity, the Humanity should be categorized on the basis of Hobbies & Interests, first and then it can be further categorized on the basis of other conventional factors i.e. Regions, Races, Religions and etc.




Because the traditional factors i.e. Regions, Races, Colors and etc. are numerous & unlimited and these have broken the Humanity so much. But on the other side, Hobbies & Interest are few & limited and these will unite the Humanity.




For example, if Person A is having Hobbies & Interests as Reading, Writing and Volunteering. And the second Person B is also having the same Hobbies & Interests as Reading, Writing and Volunteering. So both persons could be grouped together at any platform / channel / medium, irrespective of their Regions, Races, Religions and etc. Similarly this Hobbies & Interest Group i.e. Reading, Writing and Volunteering (RWV) could have millions of millions people and they all can collaborate with each other for any positive objective. This collaboration, which is on the basis of Hobbies & Interest, will definitely remove all the differences among them. Hence, through this kind of alliances, in shape of different Hobbies & Interests Groups, Humanity will not split further but will come together with Love, Respect and Unity. Hope this hypothesis will be further improved and implemented for Global Peace, Progress and Prosperity




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Find Freedom from Faded Fences

Saying consistently n patiently ‘Right Boss…. Ok Boss….. Yes Boss…’, Hiding n Killing own abilities, Hidden Fear of Job Lost, Bounded Duty Hours, Tight Rules, Firm Regulations, Limited Income / Savings, Expandable Responsibilities / Assignments, Survival in Market while switching jobs, Begging & Searching for New Jobs, Competition with New Comers having higher education and less salary demands, Deadly thinking over Retirement / End Benefits and a lot more. Yes, these are the normal circumstances of a JOB that are badly affecting health and life of an Employee.

All the above doesn’t happen with each and every employee of the World because so many Good Companies are still exit wherein an employee works happily, due to numerous facilities, congenial environment and favorable company’s policies etc. But believe it; these healthy environments are in minority. On the other side, millions of employees are continuously facing hardships for years, all over the world and living their lives, very close to servant or slaves, whether these employees work, wearing Company Uniform in Factory or wearing Coat Suites in comfortable offices.

Job OR Business; both are blessings of the nature that help us to earn money to live a life. But if you are an employee, so have you ever thought about Freedom of Life, Freedom of Decision Making, Freedom of Doing, Freedom to Earn Money, Expandable Earnings n Savings, Unlimited Opportunities, Flexible Working Hours, Fear of NONE and a lot more. Yes, these are the situations of a BUSINESS that can make yours and your attached ones lives, livelier, healthier and happier. Furthermore, being a wise one, you will never want that your children / next generation get a good education for years, then go into same condition and then live their lives in same Faded Fences in shape of same difficulties of a job. You would rather prefer them to live a free, calm and relaxed life that is only possible in your own business. Suppose, if you are earning 1,000 Units from an organization so definitely this organization will be earning from you 1,400 or more, so why it is not possible that you earn yourself 1,400 or more from your own Business. No matter how much you are earning and happy from an organization as an Employee but please judge this truth yourself that you are not really a Self-Sufficient but a Businessman is truly a Self-Sufficient.

It is true that there are a lot of other Challenges, Difficulties and Risks involved in Business but believe it, if a Business is formed and started to generate Income / Profit successfully so it can change yours and your next generation’s lives.

It is not possible that each and every human on the earth, does a business and doesn’t work as an employee. But preference should be given to Business than Job due to Total Freedom and Greater Opportunities in the Business.

Now the main hurdles are these Faded Fences that exist around an employee and these have to be crossed, to switch from Job to his Own Business. Actually, passing years and years in job, it could be very difficult to enter into a Business without having sufficient knowledge and experience. An abrupt swap without a proper planning could be injurious and would be similar to, jump from a running train. I want everyone’s Freedom and I would like to provide following 7 Golden Steps that can help you, to cross the Faded Fences of Job, fearlessly and successfully. Then you will be able to get into your own Business. I wish you good luck in this very important and biggest Change of your life but literally it is not a Change but a Freedom:

  1. Spare some time daily, at least 12 minutes, to think over your Total Freedom and your own Business.


  1. Write down your areas of Expertise wherein you have worked in different organizations.


  1. Write down your areas of Interest wherein you have worked or could not worked in different organizations.


  1. Gather your areas of Expertise & Interest and then think over any new Innovative Idea (s) that can bring a Revolution or at least a big Change into such particular industry.


  1. Then, in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of your present Company / Employer, try to make you Idea as Workable. If there is no restrictions from your present employer regarding your involvement into any other activity / business, out of office hours, so it is fine otherwise take permission and then pay your partial time into making your Idea Workable & Successful. If circumstances allow so you can also start your business for someone else, close to you and then you can provide full assistance to make that business successful.


  1. Now, without any negligence in your current employment, try to add your extra efforts into your business, after office hours and seek some output in shape of some earnings / profits. Initially, it would be very difficult to run your Job and Business parallel but its aftereffects will be very sweet.


  1. After an appropriate time, compare the earnings from your Job & Business and also check the consistency of your business profits. I am sure that a time will come when your truthfulness, honesty and courage will make your Business Earnings and Job Earnings, EQUAL. Finally another time will also come when your consistent Business Earnings will be increased from your Job Earnings. That will be the time when you will be able to quite from your job comfortably and then your all attention & time will be focused to your Business with Total Freedom.

I sincerely hope that my above Idea / Concept will definitely bring very positive changes into employees’ lives.


(Note: You can further promote / share / publish this idea, with my name, at any media / forum, for more Global Progress, Peace & Prosperity……)