Knowledge on the ledge

I was so amazed to read a piece of history last week that a gentleman memorized a lesson in more than 12 years, though he was so intelligent and sharp. Actually, when he implemented the lesson into his life completely then he considered and declared that he has memorized the lesson completely. VERY BRILLIANT! We can get a great lesson from this excellent strategy.

What we read, study or learn any positive Information, so we have to apply into our Lives then we would be able to say comfortably that we have Knowledge, otherwise it will be an information only. Usually, what we say we don’t act upon it so a big gap has been created between our Sayings and Actions. This is one of the main reasons of Chaos in different Societies of the World. Believe it, those nations whose Sayings and Actions are very close to each other, these are the Ever Successful Nations. But on the other side, where Sayings and Actions are very far from each other, those societies are facing failures consistently.

When Knowledge is not applied so Knowledge in on the ledge and could be lost any time. We are humans, not GOD and we could not save us from mistakes absolutely but it is possible that we can try at our level best to minimize our faults at maximum and try to make friendship between our Sayings and Actions, so that Happiest and Healthiest Life could be ours, forever.