Don’t Forget YOURSELF

Duties, Responsibilities, Engagements, Assignments, Chores, Meetings, Other Activities and a lot more; always remember Everything & Everyone but don’t forget YOURSELF.

In addition to take care of so many things / people / tasks, take care of YOURSELF. It is true that numerous are depending on you but don’t forget that YOU are also depending on your Existence. In other words, your Eyes, Ears, Hairs, Hands and the whole body have Rights over YOU that you can never neglect and you have to take care of them at any cost, despite the fact that how Busiest Life you are living.

Spare some time daily to look after YOU, YOUR HEALTH and FITNESS. Please don’t treat this Write-Up as a Health Lecture or Beauty Tips but I am desirous to see everyone as Happy & Healthy and it will be possible when everyone will maintain a good balance between different segments of life and will go for a Moderate Life Style wherein an appropriate Time & Attention will be given to everything / everyone including YOU.

The more you will live a Healthiest Life, the more you will be beneficial to ALL.


Unity is the Best Weapon against Crime & Terrorism

Everyone should think about Global Peace and should add some efforts for a Peaceful & Happy World.

Having the same thought, I have an Excellent Idea that is very Unique as per my knowledge n belief. In addition to prevailing Security Systems, this Idea can also be adopted to further strengthen the Safety & Security:


A Security Alarm System is basically consists of two Parts i.e. 1.Activation & 2.Warning. We all know that Activation can be of different types and similarly Warning can also be of different types. It is not easy to install Security Alarm System everywhere, particularly in Developing and Under-Developed Countries but a Device can be used both for Activation and Warning. This device is much closed to everyone. It is your Cell-Phone that can be used as a complete Security Alarm System but how?

How It Can Be Worked?

In case of emergency, threat, fear, suspect, crime or terrorism, it is not possible to Text or Call someone to get help but IT IS POSSIBLE to press One Key, One Click or One Gesture / Movement of your Cell Phone that can activate an Alarm / Warning in shape of so many Text Messages, so many Calls, so many Map Indications or so many other indications through different connecting software’s, to all Cell Phones near to the defined Area, particularly the nearest Rescue Centers and Law Enforcement Agencies / Police Stations etc. These indications will alert ALL Recipients that, you are in trouble or could be in trouble and they will input their best possible efforts for you to get you out from that bad situation.

This idea could be refined and polished further, with the help of Precious Feedback of all my respectful readers. Further, I sincerely hope that all concerned, particularly the Cell Phone Manufacturers, Cell Phone Connection Providers, Map Facility Providers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Rescue Agencies, Software Manufacturers and General Public will look into this idea and will sit together to make this Idea into such Reality that will collide with Crime & Terrorism.