Supreme Subject is still missing in the curriculums

It is good to mention that World is progressing in different fields, including Education. Different new subject are being introduced and inducted into curriculums that will definitely benefit the World.

But there is a Supreme Subject that is still missing and not yet included in any prevailing curriculums of the World. However, it is possible that it is being taught somewhere in the World partially and insignificantly through different other subjects but it has not yet included as a Separate and Major subject in the curriculums. It has always been a debate that this should be imparted by Schools or Homes but still, neither School nor Home has taken the full responsibility to educate it. However, wherever it has been taught, best human beings with Good Character have been produced who are still beneficial to the World. Without studying this subject, an Engineer OR a Doctor OR any other Professional can be created but Best Characteristics cannot be developed easily. Other subjects definitely guide towards different Objectives of a Successful Life but this subject basically teaches ‘HOW TO REALLY LIVE A LIFE’ or ‘HOW TO MAKE A LIFE SUCCESSFUL’. This subject teaches, Who are you? What are your duties & responsibilities? How to behave with yourself? How to handle different people? How to face different situations? Why follow Rules? How follow Laws? How to learn? How to apply knowledge & experience?  Who are for you? To whom you are for? and a lot more in shape of endless list.

This subject is ‘GOOD MANNERS’ that can convert this world into HEAVEN………….


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