Supreme Subject is still missing in the curriculums

It is good to mention that World is progressing in different fields, including Education. Different new subject are being introduced and inducted into curriculums that will definitely benefit the World.

But there is a Supreme Subject that is still missing and not yet included in any prevailing curriculums of the World. However, it is possible that it is being taught somewhere in the World partially and insignificantly through different other subjects but it has not yet included as a Separate and Major subject in the curriculums. It has always been a debate that this should be imparted by Schools or Homes but still, neither School nor Home has taken the full responsibility to educate it. However, wherever it has been taught, best human beings with Good Character have been produced who are still beneficial to the World. Without studying this subject, an Engineer OR a Doctor OR any other Professional can be created but Best Characteristics cannot be developed easily. Other subjects definitely guide towards different Objectives of a Successful Life but this subject basically teaches ‘HOW TO REALLY LIVE A LIFE’ or ‘HOW TO MAKE A LIFE SUCCESSFUL’. This subject teaches, Who are you? What are your duties & responsibilities? How to behave with yourself? How to handle different people? How to face different situations? Why follow Rules? How follow Laws? How to learn? How to apply knowledge & experience?  Who are for you? To whom you are for? and a lot more in shape of endless list.

This subject is ‘GOOD MANNERS’ that can convert this world into HEAVEN………….


‘Manner of Speak’ can increase Pleasure, Peace & Power of Brain

‘Manner of Speak’ can increase Pleasure, Peace & Power of Brain

Pleasant, Peaceful and Powerful Communication build Good Relationships and these relationships lead to Pleasant, Peaceful and Powerful Life. Hence, without a Beautiful Communications, life is colorless. If you want to keep your Life Canvas, always Colorful & Vibrant so use Communication Brushes of most popular but less-available brands i.e. Love, Respect, Truth and Tolerance.

‘Manner of Speak’ is communication equipment that converts good thoughts into good expressions. According to some quotes, observations and experiences, if this tool is used tactfully so it can bring some amazing & positive changes i.e. Pleasure, Peace and Power into your Brain. Thus, it can increase the performance of Brain amazingly. Adoption of following techniques can be difficult but not impossible. As soon as these will be implemented, whether fully or partially; these will definitely bring very positive changes in your life:

1. Don’t Speak

Don’t speak until it is necessary to talk otherwise ‘BE QUITE’. In this way mind will remain relaxed and will not involve in unnecessary working in shape of useless discussions and its effects. Many times, futile discussions ruin your good relationships. This will also help your mind to think over some other good ideas. ‘BE QUITE’ doesn’t means to behave like dull but you should always be excited with glowing smile, through exchanging good ideas, useful information and quality n real jokes etc. Further, the greatest thing is to listen to people grievances and try to device some solutions.

2. Speak Less

Always speak less & concise so that your opinions could easily be transmitted to your targeted listeners. This will also help to minimize the needless working of your mind.

3. Speak Very Carefully

In normal or good circumstances, it is very easy to respond positively but sometimes in abnormal situations, bad feelings in shape of anger, grief or shock are natural. These conditions are actually examinations of your Power, Tolerance and Good Manners that how you control yourself, minimize your bad feelings and respond in an appropriate way. If you are succeeded so it will also save your mind from unnecessary working in shape of bad feelings along with continuous effects.

4. Be Careful, When You Are Not Speaking

When you are silent, movement of good or bad thoughts in your mind are very usual. Good thoughts are good ones that take you to a great idea / positive destination but bad thoughts are always spoiled your brain unnecessarily. So, to defend yourself, always try to reject them or convert them into some realistic and positive thoughts and don’t let them to stay in your brain.



Saving Account OR Destroying Account

Saving Account OR Destroying Account

Some days back, I heard an interesting conversation of two friends A and B of a country ABC that I would like to share with you as follows. Sometimes, some stuff is useful, partly or fully that we throw it, considering it, as useless. Similarly, this conversation, of these two persons, who don’t seem to be experts, in Finance field but most probably we can get some good thing (s) (if available) from this conversation. According to me, it is unfair to underestimate anyone’s imagination, just because of lesser Education / Experience / Expertise. Following two most popular quotes of Albert Einstein’s will definitely support me:

IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas, imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.


Logic will get you from A to B. IMAGINATION will take you everywhere.

The Conversation

Friend A

Dear! I am noticing that years back, I used to receive more than 10% to 12% p.a. on my investment, maintained at a bank. But this percentage is going down year by year and now it has been reduced to 3% to 5% p.a. This declining trend is very alarming for me and it seems that after some years, I will receive 0% p.a. Do you have any idea about it? Perhaps I don’t have any concrete knowledge…….

Friend B

Buddy! Yes, it is true and it is not only happening in your country but it is being occurred all over the world due to unstable economic conditions and sometimes it is due to adoption of different techniques to encourage or discourage investments. Further, your distressed feelings are also right that this percentage can not only go to 0% but it can also go into negative. Means, it is possible that you will have to pay to your bank on your investment instead of receiving. It has also taken place in some places. Actually, banks invest your money as per different prevailing Banking Rules & Regulations of their homeland’s central banks. Then upon these investments, they pay you as per the Rate of Return, set by their Central Banks……………………..

Friend A

Thanks for your good explanation / guidance for me but why these banks or central banks don’t promote such investment methods that are having different good characteristics of different Banking Systems. So that higher return could be obtained. Why banks lend money on limited Fixed Ratios / Markup Rates, Banks have to lend money on agreed substantial Profit Sharing Ratios as a Working Partner and Bank or their outsourced resources should fully involve into their Borrower’s Businesses / Projects so that more Productivity, more Transparency and more Profitability could be achieved. This way, depositors’ money will be more secured and will be having a good growth in shape of higher returns. This will also encourage depositors for further investments. Moreover, employment opportunities will also be created with good expansion of different businesses. Finally, the Economy will be Stronger and Stronger.

The World actually needs a Stronger Economy that can create Peace, Progress and Prosperity all over the World. Forgetting about region or religion relations of any economy, we should adopt best, more profitable and fair techniques of any type of economy and we should not focus or debate in the names of different economies i.e. A Economy, B Economy or C Economy as WORLD NEEDS STRONGER ECONOMY ONLY……………