LIVE A LIFE or Pass A Life?

Every Living Creature is passing its life. Whether it is a Tree or an Animal or a Human Being, all are passing their lives. But those are few, who are LIVING their lives. Means, they are living ‘Meaningful Lives’ with Positive Objectives.

‘Passing a Life’ is just like a harmless or harmful flood. If it is harmless so it will just pass without any aim and destruction, but if it is harmful so it will destroy everything in its way. In both situations; it doesn’t benefit anything.

But on the other hand ‘LIVING A LIFE’ is just like a beautiful, disciplined and peaceful river that benefits everything in its path. Whether these are Trees, Crops, Animals, Human Beings or any thing, it serves to all, very open-handedly.

Live, not only for yourself but for others too. ‘Others’ could be your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, city, country, continent  and the Whole World. Live for them, think for them, do something for them, utilizing your all ‘Havings’ i.e. Abilities, Strengths, Education and Experience etc.

For this, spend some of your valued time regularly to think over Global Peace, Progress and Prosperity. Do what ever positive you can do for ‘Better Tomorrow’ for the Whole World.

So don’t just ‘pass a life’ that is similar to color-less strokes on Life Canvas but ‘LIVE A LIFE’ and do Colorful Strokes on your Life Canvas……………


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