Brighten-up the BRAINPOWER

Without ‘Brain’; Heart is Nothing, Eyes are Nothing, Senses are Nothing and above all, Life is Nothing. One cannot even revive / awake from a temporary and half death (Sleep), without the permission of Brain. In short the Brain is the First and Last Part of Human Soul and Body.

Now, ‘How to keep Brain healthy and brighten-up the Brainpower’. Followings could be the possible Proven Techniques. These could be ‘difficult’ but these are not ‘impossible’:

1. See Positive: Ignoring the negatives in the world, try to always see positive. This technique will also help you, to be Focused to your Objectives / Goals.

2. Hear Positive: Avoiding the negatives in the world, try to always hear positive. This method will multiply your new relationships and will strengthen the existing ones as well.

3. Speak Positive: Try to ignore hardships of life, speak heart-winning words, win the hearts of others and then govern on their hearts.

4. Think Positive: Always try to ignore bad things of people and remember their good things. Remember! Human is a combination of Good & Bad Things. This method is also an excellent one for new and existing relationships.

5. Eat & Drink Positive: Always try to eat n drink positive and on the right time. ‘Right Time’ is the time when your hunger and thirst is on its peak. This technique will also keep you Healthy and will keep you away from almost all diseases.

6. Struggle for Positive: Shortcuts / negative ways always lead to failure of life. Always struggle for positive. Positive Paths could be Long but these are Lasting and lead to Success.

7. Live Positive: Above all, Live Positive.

Enjoy the ‘Healthy Life’ that is not possible without a ‘Healthy Brain & Brighter Brainpower’………………………..


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